Amidst the chaos of a dragon-enslaved world, one man who has lost everything rises against of the world's fiery rulers, with a little help from a certain demon.... Inspired by the movella The Sun Hunter by my buddy Hansolo158- seriously, it's awesome, you should go check it out!


1. Forged in fire...


The scales of desolation have laid waste here

From the ashes the guileless avenger does rise

With burns that will never fade away

He stands with flecks of fire in his eyes


Smothering darkness closes in

The painful grip of loss leaves its everlasting mark

Choking on the cold touch of ashen shadows

He hears a silky whisper from the dark


Lips of ice brush against his skin

But there is no hold of fear upon him now

An outstretched slender hand offers him resolve

He will obtain retribution no matter how


Now doth enter the demon

And he sees the world through new eyes

His heart hardening each passing hour

The innocence he once knew cruelly dies


But he feels his mind open anew

And once unknown purposes are found

With a guiding pale white hand

He finds himself free to walk unbound


Dust of ancient bones billows in the wind

Amongst the bloody battle their eyes then meet

A trail of destruction left in their wake

The beast's head topples to his feet

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