WARNING: This story does contain explicit content. Its pretty smutty and there's a lot of cuss words. I suggest if you can't handle that kinda of stuff then don't read. -\(._.)/-

Yorrick, obsessed with vampires FINALLY gets to meet one. It's always been his dream to meet a vampire. He didnt think he would ever get this chance given the fact that he lives in a town full of vampires. Yorrick's dream meeting of a vampire goes ALOT different then what he expected. Will he simply befriend this vampire even though he knows he could get in a lot of trouble for it? Will this vampire even accept his friendship knowing the risk?


1. Ch 1

Hi guys! I just want to apologize to you in advance for all the typos xD. This was one of my very first stories that I started and I do most of everything on my phone so it could use quite a bit of editing. But I hope you enjoy the story anyway and feel free to leave any suggestions or comments :).  <3



I'm not scared of vampires. Not one bit. I could be trapped in a dark room with one right now and not even break a sweat. In fact I found them very interesting. Out of my whole maybe town...OK MAYBE STATE, I was the only one who felt this way. Honestly they weren't that bad. Maybe in the past they were...BUT THAT'S THE PAST. It's not so much like that anymore. 

"oh my gaaawwd, did you hear about that new vampire kid?"  

I looked up at May who parked herself up on my desk. She pulled at her hair timidly. "New...vampire kid?" I said amazed. It's been awhile since any transferred here. Theyre pretty uncommon around these parts. 

"Yeah! I saw him today. He's soo creepy." she shuddered. "what if he attacks someone?!" 

I rolled my eyes. "youre just like everyone else. He's not going to attack anyone. I doubt vampires are even like that anymore." 

"Pshht you don't know that!"  

I glared at her. Stupid chick. "Go away." I said. She crossed her arms and stomped off. 

So there's a new vampire kid in town huh? I wonded what he looked like. Truth is...I've never met a vampire before. I know, I know, that's crazy right? I mean as much as I'm obsessed with them. My parents would kill me though, especially my mother. Man it's the end of the day, and I can't believe I haven't heard about this vampire kid till now. I hope I get a chance to see this guy. 

When the bell rang my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. "OH my gaaawd.." I said holding my chest. 

"Gets you every time Yorrick." I looked at Rory blushing, embarrassed. It did get me every time. I think I'm the only one who actually ever jumps when the bell rings. "Shutup." I replied. "Are you gonna come over today?" Rory was my best friend, just to let you know. We've practically been friends since like kindergarten. Amazing right? 

"Ahh sorry I can't Yorri, I gotta babysit my sis today." he sighed annoyed. 

"oh it's fine." I said. I smiled. "Well call me later?" 

He nodded and smiled. "See ya buddy." 

"Byeeee." I started on my way home. 

Man, why did I have to live so far deep in the Forrest? Such a long way to home. I wish there were like teleportation machines, and I could just like zap home. "Damniiiit." I huffed. I was no where close to my house. I decided to plop down next to a tree, right off of the walking trail. I don't I had even been walking for that long but I was already tired. I decided to play on my cell phone for a bit while I was resting. I was getting so into the game I was playing that I didn't notice the person walking past me. When I get into games, that's it. There's no way of getting my attention. Some person coulda came up and stole my pants and I wouldn't have ever known. "DIE MOTHER FUCKER!" I screamed at the game. I was losing pretty bad. When I lose, I GET PISSED. 

"Excuse me?" a voice said it but I didn't hear it.  

"I said excuse me." 

"WHAT?!" I yelled. I wasn't yelling at the person. I was still talking to the game. 


I was still at my game. This was one helluva game. I could play this all day...actually foreverrrr. 


I was seriously loving this game. What makes it so fun is that you get to kill zombies! Who doesn't like killing zombies? 

"ok, that's it."  

The next thing I know my phone game flying out of my hands. That person that I was paying no attention to smacked it straight up into the air. My eyes widened up so big, as I watched the thing slowly descend down to the ground. I literally had a panic attack, the moment it hit the ground. 

"OH MY LORD! ARE YOU CRAZY???!!" I grabbed into my hair aggressively, about to rip it from my head. I finally looked at this stupid, careless, dumbass person.  

I was going to say something but this guy....he was uh...STUNNING. Like damn. And he was right in my face. I mean I could feel his breath on me. For like a minute I was lost for words. I just stared at his porcelain skin, and those two garnets sitting in his eyes. His lips were so smooth and full. His features were small. He had this long raven-like hair that went perfect with everything. I was supposed to be mad at this stranger and yet im over here staring at him with stars in eyes. Not my fault he was pretty. I don't even know why I'm calling him pretty...guys aren't pretty... 

My face immediately flushed red. "oh..hi there." I said.  


It was all awkward for some reason now. I looked away from him. He stood up. "what's the deal with smacking my phone out of my hands?" I looked back him. He blushed and scratched his head looking down at the ground. 

"I kinda thought you were talking to me...but then I just realized you were playing a I wasn't the 'motherfucker' you wanted to 'die'. But then you were ignoring me, so yeah. My apologies."  

OH LORD, how embarrassing. That is the reason I need to play games in the own privacy of my house, in my room, all by myself. I can't help it though! Zombies are fun. I sighed, laughing. I grabbed my phone. "Don't worry about it. It's cool. Give me a hand?" I put my hand out. He looked at with hesitation at first but then he took it. I felt the most coldest sensation ever. It gave me the chills. Why were his hands so cold? "Wow! your hands are so cold!" 

"yeah..." he looked at me like I was some weirdo. I'm not the freakishly hot one with hands like icicles. Where did this guy even come from anyway? I've never seen him before. "You new around here?" I asked. He nodded.  

"Oh we'll that's nice. I'm pretty sure you go to our school then. Hey if you need someone to show you around and stu-" 

"No thanks." he interrupted. "I'm fine on my own." He started to walk away. Well wasn't this guy just a charmer.  

"Hey, wait!" I followed him. "where are you going? What's your name?" 


"Well I'm Yorrick! It's nice to meet you." I smiled. "You wanna be friends?" He better not say no. It's not everyday I go offering someone my great friendship. 

He just looked at me all weird. "Whatever kinda act your trying to put on here, you can just stop. I'm not gonna fall for your foolishness."  

My foolishness? I'm just trying to be nice. "What are you talking about?" 

Alec stopped walking. I stopped too. He stared at me, making me feel sooooo awkward. I wonder if I had something on my face. Maybe I was just so ugly he couldn't help but to stare at my face of horrors. "Whaaaaaahhht?" I said. 

"Are you stupid?"  

"Uhm what?" My mouth wrinkled in a frown. This dude had some serious attitudinal problems.  

"Do you not know what I am?" he stepped close to me. What he was...? I stared at him curiously. I didn't see anything weird or anything other than he was abnormally beautiful. "uhh..."  

He stepped even closer to me. He grabbed me by the collar of my shirt.  

WHO THE HELL DOES THIS GUY THINK HE IS? Trying to fight me and I just met him. "Sir. I would take your hands off me." I just tried to maintain calm but I was ready to rip loose on this asshole. 

"Or what?" he gave me this sinister smile that rose the hairs from my neck straight up. His eyes changed from garnet to a fierce crimson and then...FANGS. I mean...oh my lord...these two dagger-like things came thrusting out of his mouth. I practically almost peed my pants.  

So, maybe I happened to be lyingk when I said that I wasn't afraid of vampires...Cuz this guy was definitely a vampire aaaaand, I WAS SCARED SHITLESS. I had just about lost all the strength and excitement and happiness and enthusiasm and LIFE in my body.  

Damn, no wonder he was so beautiful. All vampires are beautiful. I should've realized he was one from the start. 

I don't know exactly why but I started to cry. Pathetic? Yes I know but, I'm not gonna lie. He was pretty scary. But then I guess I could say it was a little exciting. I've always wanted to meet a vampire, so here's one for me. 

"Oh, your crying now?" Alec teased. I didnt say anything. I couldn't. I was in so much shock. I guess this was that new vampire kid. May was certainly right when she said he was creepy. 

"Hmph." Alec let go of my shirt. "Still want to be my friend?" 

I looked at Alec. Yes. I actually did want to be his friend still. Yeah maybe, he scared me to death but....HE'S A VAMPIRE. A REAL LIFE VAMPIRE.  

I finally had come to my senses. "OF COURSE I STILL WANNA BE YOUR FRIEND." I wiped my face and smiled. It's not everyday you get to meet a vampire. "just promise not to eat me." I said. 

"Hmm don't count on that promise." he licked his index finger all seductively. Chills went up my spine. My face reddened. I bit my lip to keep from cracking a smile. 

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