My one and only

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I'm a girl who met Ashton Irwin at a skating rink with friends I thought he was cute and I think he likes me back. Read this to find out more.


6. DeDe P.O.V pt. 4

Like I was saying when we went out a group of strangers came and had gotten Amaya, Jordyn, Amya, and I. I guess they wanted to rape us? I was scared. All of a sudden I woke up in an old abandoned house tied up with my friends. I had some type of cloth in my mouth. I'm scared right now and I don't think thaws can get out. And then the 4 guys came and they untied us and took the cloth out our mouths and I was happy to breathe. They grabbed us by the hand and took us upstairs. I was with a guy that was wearing a blue shirt, black jeans, and some black sketchers. I didn't know what Jordyn or the other girls were but I never been apart from them. So I was in a small bedroom and he slammed me on the bed I wanted to fight back but he had a knife.

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