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I'm a girl who met Ashton Irwin at a skating rink with friends I thought he was cute and I think he likes me back. Read this to find out more.


1. DeDe p.o.v pt. 1

DeDe pov:

So I was going to skate land with my bestfriends. So we had took my friends car and went to the one near Wonder Bread. Factory. So I saw this dude, and he saw me, I told my friends that he looked cute. My friends wanted to tell him and I didn't care at all. I started skating , and my friends had went to that dude, and said I liked him and pointed at me while I was skating. I stopped and I was sitting down. I was so tired. So my friends came and sat next to me. They said " He likes u too and he wants to give you his phone number." And them I said "I don't believe you, I will go see for my self." So I skated where the boy was, and asked him. This is what I found out.

Name: Ashton Fletcher Irwin Mine: Demetra colicia sanders

Eye Color: Hazel, Mine: Brown

Height: 6' 11" , Mine: 6' 10"

Skin tone: light , Mine: dark

Weight: 59lb 10 oz , Mine: 58. 11 oz

Number: (727)***-****, Mine: (918)***-****

We had gotten to know each other and I found out that he likes me too. So his friends and I went to go sit best to my friends. Everyone found what they was looking for. I've learned that he likes to skateboard, write music, excursus, and drawing. I like all of those things to. So Ashton and I went to his car and we went to his house.

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