Frisk couldn't shake the feeling that somthing was wrong.
Everyone they met, everywhere they went, it didn't seem as new as it should have.
It seemed... familiar
Be warned, this fanfiction contains spoilers for the true pasafist ending of undertale.


1. New People

     Frisk slowly came to consciousness, the light above them throbbing through their eyelids. They desperately tried to remember where they were, why they were lying down. They hadn't remembered their bed being so spongy . They didn't even remember getting into bed the night before. They grimaced at a sudden recollection that came over them, and tried to fight the memory off.

     They slowly opened their eyes, struggling not to rub the leftover drowsiness out of them. Everything ached, every bone in their body feeling like it was struggling to be held together. Slowly, they came to their feet, feeling weighed down even by the simple action. The stumbled into a shadowed area, still feeling shaken and tired, and looked back one more time, realizing what they had fallen on, a sun drenched bed of golden flowers.

*looking back at the flowers gives you a feeling you cant describe

     The sudden thought startled them, almost as if it wasn't their own. It sounded younger then their voice, higher pitched and lighter. Shaking the feeling away, they continued through an almost intimidating archway.

               *you feel that something is wrong, but desperately try to push it away.



     "Howdy, I'm Flowey, Fowey the Flower!"

     Frisk almost screamed at the sight of the being they had nearly tripped over. They looked down and smiled sweetly. Scrunching their nose, they bent down to the flower's level.

     "Hi, I'm Frisk."

     His face looked worn, but not by age, possibly sorrow or pain. His bright yellow petals were dulled white, coated in chalk dust, and his stem was entangled in spiny vines. His smile looked forced, almost as if it were a struggle to keep it planted on his face.

     "Hiya' Frisk, you must be new here, I've never seen you before!"

     *You want to believe him, but something inside of you tells you you've seen the flower somewhere

     "Golly, I better teach you the way things work around here!"

     Frisk tried to pay attention, but they were mesmerized by what had appeared before them, A huge box with a heart in it. They struggled to move their arm to touch it, but quickly realized they had lost all control over their body, and instead every flex of a muscle moved the heart.

     *You look at your soul, and notice all of the colors gleaming across it.

     "Go ahead, get as many as you can!"

     Frisks head snapped back to attention, a cascade of white pellets cascading towards the shimmering soul. Instinctively, Frisk dogged out of the way, though they weren't sure why, and Flowey's face looked irritated and slightly more drained.

     "Not nice to play a trick on old friends, now is it Asriel?"

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