Kissing In The Rain (Calum AU)

I thought I had everything I needed. A perfect relationship, clean wrists and a smile on my face. My perfect relationship was the blame for the clean wrists and smile, until he ended it. I wound up right back where I began, with razors and tears and nothing could change that. All up until I met Calum.


6. School...?

This chapter is terrible so just don't judge, k?


Cali and Sam don't say a word on the way to school. I just sit forward in my seat and glare at my shoes. The carpet of the nice car is spotless. Cami's parents are loaded, and Cami is practically guaranteed acceptance with her money and good girl grades. Me? I'm pulling straight C's and am totally broke and have decided not to go to collage.

"We're here," Sam says, smiling and trying to lighten the mood. I smile back at her despot my mood, and her eyes light up. We climb out of the small car and begin walking across the parking lot to the school.

I train my eyes on the front doors, ignoring the social high schoolers. Sam catches up with me and places a hand on my shoulder. Cami has wandered off to a group of preps on the other side of the parking lot and is laughing at a boy. She gleams at him and he smiles back. I think his name is Luke.

"Jennica what the crap? Why were you so silent on the way there, you nearly scared the crap out of Cami. Are you okay?" Sam asks, stopping me with the hand she put on my shoulder. I flip back around to face her.

"Look, Sam. Crap is happening right now that you sent going to get, alright? I appreciate the ride and everything but I don't need your charity," I snap and whip back around.

I regret that. I regret telling her off just because she was worried about men my guilt deepens when I looked back before walking into the school, I turned to see her hurt face, yet still hopeful. I cringe as I push open the doors.

Sorry, Sam.

First period flys by. It's second I'm dreading. Not only is Jacob in that class, but Sam is too. My mind wanders until the first bell rings. I don't pay attention, I never really do. I watch the clock and wait for the period to end. When the bell rings I drag myself out of my desk and pull my bag on my shoulders, ready to begin my decent to the next class.

When I walk in the teacher greets me. I keep my eyes on the floor and give him a small wave before making my way to my desk. Jacob comes in with a frown on his face and a friend calling his name from the opposite side of the room. His dark look deepens when he looks my way. I watch as he makes his way to his friend.

"Told you she'd come today," his friend says, obviously talking about me. I open the textbook in front of me, acting like I didn't hear.

Jacobs acting different. He use to be sweet and caring, now he's just like every other guy at this school. Conceded and thirsty. I hate it, there is no decent guy out there anymore, they are all the same and I guess Jacob is no longer different. He stood out, that's what drew me to him in the beginning-he had this aura around him that made everyone just... Shine. Now he doesn't stand out anymore.

I stay seated until class starts. The teacher sits behind his desk and let's us talk until he finishes taking roll. The bell Riggs seconds after Sam rushes into the seat next to me. She stares at me until I look at her.

"I forgive you," she states matter of factly. I smile as I turn back around. The teacher begins class and someone fills the seat on the other side of me.

"Hey, can I borrow a pencil?" A voice asks. I glance over at the asker to see Jacobs friend. He smirks at me as my face falls. I pull my worst pencil out of my bag and toss it at him. "I want it back," I snap.

The period drags on, and I find myself staring at the back of Jacobs head. He sits two rows in front of me, and we always use to pass notes. Flirting at its finest.

Sam taps me and rolls her eyes when she see who I was staring at. Then she mouths, "wanna hang out after school?" I shake my head, I have sulking to do after school. Besides, she'll probably invite her boyfriend, the ultimate jock and goodie goodie of the school, Ashton Irwin.

"Please," she mouths. "A bunch of my friends are going to the movies and I really want you to come," called that one, didn't I? I guess it wouldn't be that bad, a movie with the preps. All I have to do is sit there and watch the move, no talking included.

"I'll pay for you," Sam whispers. I roll my eyes and try to smile before nodding my head. "Fine," I tell her. She smiles but I can see mischief in her eyes.

What are you planning, Sam?

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