Camilla is 14 years old and Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama's daughter. She sings and writes music. When she auditions to open up for Five Seconds of Summer, what happens?


1. Chapter 1

Camilla's POV:

I stare at my Mom's large collection of makeup, hair products, and costumes. My mom invited me to sing on stage tonight with her. We're singing My Love's Like A Star.

That is our song. Mom used to sing me to sleep with it. She would sing it to me when I was down, or when she was leaving and I had to stay with Marissa, my mom's best friend, and my Dad.

Jill, my Mom's makeup artist and stylist walks in. She does my makeup natural and simple, and it brings out my natural beauty. She curls my long, straight, dark brown hair. She puts the dress that my Mom wore during her Unbroken your when she was performing Who's That Boy on me, along with a leather jacket. I pull on some shorts under it, because I feel insecure wearing this short of a dress. I also pull on some heeled combat boots in an attempt to hide my shortness. Yes, shortness does run in the Lovato family. I'm 5'4 and my Mom's 5'1 and I always brag to her about how I'm taller than her. Jill leaves and I start thinking about how nervous I am.

So that song song is pretty important to me. I'm really nervous that I'm going to mess it up, cause if I do she's going to hate me, and her fans will hate me too. They will have videos on YouTube of me messing up, and then the whole world is going to hate me. I'm full on freaking out. Then my mom walks in, and I take deep breaths to calm myself down so she won't notice.

"Mom, I thought you were performing right now?" I say confusedly.

"Yeah, well I'm not. I had a break, and Wilmer is distracting them." Mom says.

"Wait Dad's here? I thought he was working on his new show." I say.

"He wanted to surprise you. And there's no way he's missing you facing your stage fright and singing on stage with me. Soon you'll be singing in front of your own fans.'' Mom says.

"Aww, thank you. But I'm nervous. I don't want to mess up in front of all those people. And, besides, I don't look very good in this dress." I say.

"You won't mess up! You're a Lovato! Messing up is not in your blood. And you look gorgeous in that dress. Remember this, when you have Lovato curves and a Lovato butt, rock it! Don't hide it and be insecure. Just be yourself, because that's the best you you can be." Mom says.

"Thanks. I needed that."

"I bet you did. But now, we need to go sing! I didn't think the audience would get tired of him this fast. Come onstage when I call you, ok? Cause I have an introduction speech all planned out."

"I'll wait."

Mom hugs me and says, "Good luck!"

We run toward the stage. Mom's fans are booing Dad. He's telling these lame jokes. Then Mom run on the stage while I stay backstage. A stage attendant hands me a mike, straps the mike pack on me, and put the earbuds in so I can hear myself, my Mom, the band, and anyone else who has a mike.

"Wilmer, you can go now." Mom says.

"But I thought you loved me! Why are you sending me away?" Wilmer says.

"Just go because I have something very special planned next." Mom says as she winks at my Dad.

"Oh. I think I have a phone call. Good day everybody!" Dad says as he runs off the stage towards me. I'm standing at side stage, anxiously awaiting for Mom to call me.

"Don't be nervous, kiddo. Take a deep breath. I've heard you sing before. You're very talented, and I'm not just saying that because I'm your Dad. These people out there in the audience want to hear how talented you are too. You need to get ready to go out there and steal the show from your mother." Dad says to me with a wink.

"Hey guys. I'm back. So today I have the honor of inviting a very special person up to sing with me. She's never come up with me before, and she's very nervous. Can you guys get Camilla hyped up for me?" Mom says.

The crowd starts chanting extremely loudly, "Camilla come sing for us! Steal the show!"

Mom says, "Ok guys, I think she's ready. Come on out, Mila!"

I take a deep breath and run out on stage. "Hey Mom. Thank you for letting me sing with you."

"You're welcome Mila. Are my Lovatics ready to hear my daughter sing?" Mom says.

They all scream out different answers ranging from "Yes!" to "Pick me!" I'm truly honored by this. Demi's fans sometimes send me hate online, but now, during this concert, they support me, and it's truly touching. I feel like crying.

"Y'all want us to start singing now?" Mom says.

All her fans of course, scream, "Yes, beautiful!"

Mom nods to her band. I know the routine. We sing this song together whenever we have a chance. First verse is Mom, first chorus we alternate lines. Second verse is me, second chorus until the end I sing the melody and Mom sings the harmony and I do the riffing.

Mom starts, "The space in between us

Starts to feel like we're worlds apart

Like I'm going crazy

And you say it's raining in your heart

You're telling me nobody's there to dry up the flood

Oh, but that's just crazy

'Cause baby, I told ya I'm here for good"

I start singing, "My love's like a star, yeah

You can't always see me

But you know that I'm always there"

"When you see one shining

Take it as mine and remember I'm always near" Mom sings.

"If you see a comet, baby, I'm on it

Making my way back home

Just follow the glow, yeah" I sing, adding some riffs.

"It won't be long just know that you're not alone" Mom sings.

"I try to build the walls to keep you safe

When I'm not around

But as soon as I'm away from you

You say they come tumbling down

But it's not about the time

That we don't get to spend together

Oh, it's about how strong our love is

When I'm gone and it feels like forever" I sing it with riffs and I pretty much belting it out.

"My love's like a star, yeah

You can't always see me

But you know that I'm always there

When you see one shining

Take it as mine and remember I'm always near

If you see a comet, if you see a comet, baby, I'm on it

Making my way back home, my way back home

Just follow the glow, yeah

It won't be long just know that you're not alone" Mom and I sing together. She harmonizes and we sound amazing together. The fans are cheering and singing along. Even though this is an emotional song, I feel myself smiling.

"You say the time away makes your heart grow numb

But I can't stay just to prove you wrong" I sing.

"Oh, look at how far we've come

Don't you know, don't you know that you're the one

Oh, you're not alone" Demi sings.

"You're not alone, oh

You're not alone, oh

You're not alone, oh

Know that you're not alone

You're not alone

My love's like a star, yeah

You can't always see me

But you know that I'm always there

Know that I'm always there

When you see one shining

Take it as mine and remember I'm always near, yeah

If you see a comet, baby, I'm on it

Making my way back home

Making my way back to you

Just follow the glow, yeah

It won't be long just know that you're not alone

Yeah-yeah, yeah, oh, oh" We sing together. I'm riffing and singing the melody and belting it out as loud as I can. I'm becoming almost like a different person on the stage. I can't believe I haven't experienced this. It's such a satisfying feeling.

When the song ends, Mom and I hug. The crowd cheers, clearly loving our mother daughter moment. I smile.

Mom says, "Did y'all enjoy that?"

The crowd goes crazy. I smile, once again. Holy crap am I happy tonight. Usually I barely ever smile, but tonight I've been smiling all night. I'm shocked. I walk off the stage as Mom continues her concert.

Dad pulls me in for a hug. "I'm so proud of you kiddo! You definitely stole the stage from your mother, but don't tell her I told you that, cause she'd be pissed off. I mean, I love her, but she can be dangerous when you cross her."

I giggle, which is a so totally not me thing to do. I'm having a lot of firsts tonight I guess. "Thank you. I'm still pumped up from performing. That gives me such a rush." I say.

"I love you, and I'm so proud of you. I wish you could have seen how incredible you were out there." Dad says.

He pulls me in for a hug and I rest my head on his shoulder as we watch my Mom do her thing, killing it out on the stage. It seems like barely any time has passed when the concert ends and Mom walks off the stage. She's all sweaty and breathing heavy.

"Come here and give me a hug." Mom says.

"No thank you. I'd rather not get all sweaty." I say.

"Wilmer, hold her so we can have a family hug." Mom says.

Dad grabs me, wrapping his strong arms around me. I can't move. Mom wraps her arms around me and laughs her famous laugh as she wipes sweat on me. Despite how gross that is, I can't help but smile at the way my family interacts. Yes, we can be a dysfunctional family, but all of the time we've got each other's backs and that's what matters most.

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