loving a monster

hanna has the perfect life, boyfriend and everything she could of hope for until she meets harry. harry turns hanna's world upside down
will harry have his ways with hanna or will hanna drives harry away and keeps her life as she wants it to be, perfect


3. good girls go bad


hanna's p.o.v.

i turn over and saw a sleeping harry. i tickle his nose and he moaned, i giggled to his moaning. i found his shirt on the floor and put it on. i went downstairs to make pancakes. while i was making pancakes, i heard a grunt. i turn my head to see a naked harry. i just went back to my cooking and i felt arms wrap around my waist.

harry: morning princess

hanna: good morning

hanna: you hungry?

harry: very

hanna: good, cause i'm making pancakes

harry: oh

hanna: what, you don't like pancakes

harry: i thought the menu was you, if you what i mean

hanna: shut up harry *play punches harry*

~ skips after breakfast ~

hanna: *grabs harry and her plates*

harry: no i got it babe

hanna: you sure

harry: i wash dishes before with my mum

hanna: ok, i'll wash up

harry: ok

hanna's p.o.v.

i ran up the stairs and took a hot shower. after i got dried off, i went to my closet to choose my outfit today. i choose a mint green crop-top, black high waisted shorts and a leather jacket. after changing, i flat iron my hair i put on some make up. when i was done, i went downstairs. i saw harry had on a white t-shirt and black skinny jeans, i didn't even realize he was in my room.

harry: whoa bad girl

hanna: bad girl?

harry: sexy outfit

hanna: oh, i just want to wear this today

harry: why, did good girl turn into a sexy bad girl

hanna: harry and no

harry: *walks up to hanna ans squeezes her ass*

hanna: harry, i didn't lie to you

harry: i know, i just to grab that sexy ass of yours

hanna: *kisses harry*

harry: *grabs hanna's ass and picks her up*

harry: *sits on the sofa with hanna on his lap*

hanna: *grinds on harry's lap*

harry: oh yeah

harry: *spanks hanna's ass*

hanna: *moans*

harry: *phone rings*

hanna: you can get it

harry: *answers the phone*

hanna: *goes upstairs*

hanna's p.o.v.

i went up the stairs and got my phone to text camillia if she wants to hang out. after i texted camillia i went down stairs to see a worry look on harry's face. i went to him and hug him. after telling me what's the problem, the doorbell rung. i open the door to see camillia.

camillia: hey han

hanna: hey

harry: you two going somewhere and didn't invite me

hanna: sorry, girls night

harry: camillia bring her back at 8

hanna: oh so you my daddy now

harry: *laughs* do you want me to

hanna: harry!

harry: i'm joking sweetheart

hanna: you better be

harry: bye girls

~ skips to the mall ~

camillia: so are you still dating matt

hanna: of course, why wouldn't i

camillia: cause, it looks like your cheating on him with harry

hanna: cam i'm not, i promise you

camillia: alright, i'm just checking up on you two

hanna: you have every right too, cause we're bff's till the end

camillia: *hugs hanna*

hanna: so how about you  and nathan

camillia: oh, we're serious

hanna: omg, so so serious

camillia: totes serious

hanna: i'm so happy for cyou two

camillia: i'm hungry

hanna: wanna go to McDonald

camillia: oh my god, yasss

hanna: *gets a text message*

camillia: it's that matt

hanna: yeah it's him 

camillia: i bet he's doing something special for you

hanna: that'll be lovely

camillia: totes lovely

hanna: *sighs* i wish we can hang more but, someone wants me home

~ arrives at hanna's house ~

hanna's p.o.v.

i open the front door and saw matt. i ran to him and hug behind him. he turn around and kiss me, after kissing me i smell something very delicious, matt was cooking. i help him cook dinner and dessert. after eating dinner, we had fudge brownies it was very good. it was around eight and i was feeling tired. we went up to my room and got ready for bed.

hanna's dream

"no harry, stay away," "i want you hanna," said harry. i ran to one of the closets and hide in there. my phone buzzed and i heard footsteps, shit, i whisper. suddenly the closet door swung open to reavel an angry harry. he grab my arm and threw me against the wall. "please let me love you." "harry i'm with matt." are you sure, you barley see him and he's cheating on you," harry said. " what was i thinking, matt is an asshole. harry i love you, kiss me." "gladly, babe" harry said.

~ end of hanna's dream ~

hanna: *screams*

matthew: *cuddles hanna* shhh, barbie i'm right here

hanna: it was horrible

matthew: what was hanna

hanna: the dream, you cheating on me and i was in love with harry

matthew: you know for damn sure, i won't cheat on you and you're only gonna love me

hanna: i know, it's just i have this weird feeling that's gonna come true

matthew: it won't, i promise



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