A safe haven.
Doors to your darkest secrets.
Snippets of your deepest desires.
Ramblings of your confused brain.
Or, the place where you see people die.
Ana has been dreaming about people dying. But these are no regular nightmares because these people do actually die the moment they die in her sleep.
Done with feeling helpless, she embarks on a journey to find out what exactly her dreams mean and how can she stop people from dying.
She was crazy to think that there won't be any consequences.


1. Prologue



Leaves crumpled and stones crunched beneath her bare feet, the slight tingling hardness elicited a shudder through her spine. On a whim, she looked up, the sky dark grey with dull blue cracks illuminating the place with a dull glow, like those given by old fluorescent bulbs. Her gaze encircled the surroundings, and belatedly the realization hit her that there were no trees that could lead to dry crumpling leaves beneath her feet.

 Her gaze snapped down towards the ground, and a gasp escaped her lips, increasing the pounding of her heart as she registered what was beneath her feet, in between her toes… bones, crumpling, decaying bones.

Her conscious laughs as it realizes that every single time she is surprised by the presence of bones under her feet.

But before she could react to the recent realization, or maybe jump slightly in shock or disgust, a zapping sound alerted her of someone else’s presence.

Narrowly, she missed the brightening of the blue light, almost like lightening, and through it appearance of a boy. A boy no older than seven or eight, dressed in simple white pajama shorts and striped pajama shirt, illuminated blue by the only source of light in the surreal darkness.

Her mind questioned how she was able to notice such little details in the dark, and from so afar, like the brown eyes of the child, widened in fear, and his horror-stricken face.

Instinctively, she took a step towards him, her hand extended in his direction, the bones crunched beneath her feet, making her stop in her tracks.

She could hear a faint hymn, a song, perhaps, a rhyme, the words incorrigible.

Two blue cracks began to grow bright and her eyes closed at the brightness, when she opened them, there were two another boys, boys seemingly different but so very different from normal, they seemed almost skeletal, but it was not their pale flesh hung loosely on their skin, that made her step back in fright, it was the pale white glassy eyes and their mouth open in a perfect round ‘o’ as though they were going to suck out the life out of her.

And as she looked on the unearthly creatures began to do just that, their eyes turning a bright shade of blue and glowing, as the little boy paled further and further till he lost all colour and what remained was a grey statue of a terrified looking boy.

The words began to sound clear, a child’s voice rang out in the open field, echoing hollowly in the distance.

Come to play,

Come to play,

Never do run away,

Come, Come, come to play,

Play, play and we care

But if you dare,

Dare and run away,

Then little boy will have to pay.

Play, play, little girl,

All we want to do is play,

Night and day,

If you dare and run away,


Little girl will have to pay.

The boys turned to face her. Their eyes back to being white and soul-less, and her heart began to race.

She scrambled backwards, tripping at her own feet. Her eyes closed of their own accord, ready to take impact of falling.

As she closed her eyes, they opened.




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