Did I deserve this?

It all started on a rainy day.. Young, 13 year old Tegan is being left by her family. They dropped her at a door step and left. At this foster home, is it possible that she will find an adoptive family that will love her, and keep her unlike all the others? Or will the same process keep repeating itself?


1. Everything will be "okay"

Chapter 1. 

    “BOOM!” the thunder crackles after a flash of lighting. My younger sister bursts into my room crying. I immediately sit up and she jumps up into my arms, I cuddle her till she stops crying. She usually sleeps by my side after that, but this time my mother calls her name from down the hallway. My sister jumps down and walks out of my room and that’s when my father steps into view from the hallway and tells my to get my stuff packed. 

    He’s in my doorway, “Hurry Tegan. Get your stuff together.” He turns away when I look at him. “Your mother and I will meet you in the car.” With that he walks out of my doorway and I hear the front door shut. I grab my makeup and some of my favorite outfits. Right as I’m about to leave my room I grab the necklace my older brother gave me before he left for the Navy. I put that on and walk out to the car. 

    I get into the car, my parents are silent. I notice that my sister doesn’t have any bags. “Where are you taking me?” I manage to say. They don’t respond for the entire car ride. We finally stop at a large brick building. My dad gets out of the car and opens my door for me, he walks with me to the front door of the building. He grabs my hand, looks at me, looks away and knocks on the door. He walks away back to the car. I can hear my sister screaming and crying. The car starts. They are driving away from me. It’s all happening so fast. Am I being abandoned by my own family? Soon my sisters cries can’t be heard anymore and I sit down on the steps. “Why?” I sob into my hands. “What did I do?” 

    4 years later I’m 16 and I’m still in that building, which has a name. It’s called ‘Dwensteons Home for children’. I’m laying down on my twin sized bed facing the wall thinking about my little sister, wishing that I could see her again, just for a moment. I’d give anything for that to happen. I wipe   away tears starting to form in my eyes. There’s a soft knock on my bedroom door, “Yes?” I ask. The door opens and Miss Wells walks in and sits at the end of the bed. 

    “Someone has come forward to adopt you, Tegan.” I groan. “Tegan! Seriously? I know this is rough for you, you haven’t found the right foster parents yet. But I think this one will be the fit for you. Just give it a chance, pack your stuff, they’ll be in tomorrow afternoon.” She kisses my forehead. I get up and pack up my stuff. This has to be the tenth time I’ve been ‘adopted’ in 4 years. I will always seem to make it back here, it’s been like that since I was 13. I’ve been searching for my little sister for a really long time and I’m determined to find her. I will see her again. 

    The next day come really fast and I get up, put my hair into a pony tail and put on some mascara. I shuffle downstairs where Miss Wells greets me with a big smile. “Did you sleep well last night, hun?” I flash a fake smile at her and serve myself some food. “I’m happy that you did, anyway the man is adopting you today said he might be here a bit early because he’s so excited to meet you.” her happiness is starting to rub off on me. I smile at her and continue eating. Other kids shuffle into the kitchen, get food and sit down at the many tables in the dining room. Miss Wells and I continue our conversation, “Are you excited to meet him?” she asks in between bites.

    I finish my plate, “Yeah, I guess. Do you think he will take me back because he ‘can’t handle me’ like the rest of them?” This immediately drops my mood and I frown. “I don’t want to do this. It’s only gonna hurt me more. I’m never gonna see my sister again!” Clearly, that was loud, everyone stopped eating and looked at me. I walked out of the dining room and up to my room. I pull at my hair as I start to sob. Memories come rushing into my mind of the night my parents left me like I was something they just got tired of after a while. I slide down my door. It feels like I’m there for hours. Finally there is a soft knock on my bedroom door and I know who it is. I open the door with my bag already on my shoulder and my hair fixed back into a pony tail. I walk past Miss Wells and down the stairs.

    That’s when I see him. 




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