Her Future


1. ~

She's trying her best to stay positive and focus on all of the things she dreams about in her future.

She's filled with a nervous excitement as she thinks about her future career and thinks of all the tiny, little details.

But there are things standing in her way of striving to reach her goals.

Things that make her question her ability to fulfil her desires.


Her brother thinks she's stupid.

He dismissed her grade card saying that she drew up a fake paper.

Claiming that she isn't bright enough to have a 3.3 GPA.


Time is running out.


Her mom doesn't think she can do it.

That she is weak.

"Choose something a little more. . . Suited for you." She says, speaking carefully.

She doesn't think she'll make it through the rigorous training.


She has two more years to decide for herself if she can brave through it.


Her other brother doesn't have an opinion.

He was never around.

They were never close.

He doesn't know anything about her life now.


She'll be a disappointment to herself if she doesn't go through with it, but an even bigger disappointment to her family if she fails.


Her dad gives her doubtful looks when she asks him for advice.

His face says it all.

He's her biggest inspiration, the one she chose to follow. 

But his face is always filled with hesitation.


She could be the first to fulfil certain career paths in her family.


Her sister approaches the subject cautiously.

She's not sure how she feels about her career path, so she keeps the mood light.

Not entirely knowing what to say.


She's under so much pressure and she doesn't know what to do.


Her grandparents just don't want her to get hurt.

Suffer from injuries.

Killed in an active zone.

"Choose something safer." They say, as if she wouldn't have been any more susceptible to suffer in an accident on the highway just as well.


The pace at which the future approaches is frightening her to the core.


Sometimes she doesn't think she can do it.

Starts to believe what everyone is telling her.

Her dream job, one she had already been so accustomed to from growing up in her particular family, was one she didn't want to stray from.

She'd known this is what she wanted to do since she was in 7th grade.

If it fails, she has no backup plan.


There's not enough time to decide.


But she looks at all the naysayers and silently thinks,


"I am smart enough for this."


"I am brave enough for this."


"I will not doubt myself."


"If I die, I die with the knowledge knowing that I tried to defend my home with my whole heart and soul."


"I believe in myself."


"I can do this."


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