The Deal


1. Un


"Hey do you have a pencil?" I asked my friend Mitchell. "No, I'm sorry" "UGH" I groaned as I sat in my seat waiting for my home room teacher. But I couldn't help but stare at the boy that was sitting next to me. "Hey  baby girl I see you checking me out but hey I cant blame you" he said with a sexy smirk. "Oh  ugh sorry" I said as I quickly turned my head to the side. "Don't worry about it, but I was wondering would you like to make a deal?" "What  kind of deal" I asked slowly. "Well all you have to do is take exotic pictures and you get paid for it, and of course you will be working in a studio. "Oh" I said quietly. I slick wanted to do it only because of the money. So of course with my dumb ass I said: "Yea sure I would love to take the pictures, but could I have your number?" "Yea" he said as he wrote down his number and placed it gently in my hands. "Oh and by the way my name is Mikey" "Mia" I replied. "Well nice to meet you Mia I am pleased to do business with you" he said smirking. "Hehe, you too" I said as I giggled. "Okay class lets get started everyone grab a text book and read pages 456-460 and answer all of the questions on the board. "Ugh" the class groaned. After school I drove over to Mikey's house to talk about the photoshoot thing. I know for sure that I would not tell my parents because they would whip my ass and they are Christians so they don't really believe in that kind of stuff. I was actually excited and really nervous about this whole idea. But Mikey said I start as soon as tomorrow! good thing it is Saturday tomorrow. I pulled into Mikey's drive way and walked up to his front door. I softly knocked on his door and waited patiently for him to answer. "Hey" he said as he opened the door, "Come in" I slowly walked in and looked around at his house. It was a really nice house. I took a seat on his couch and sat my purse down. "Would you like anything to drink?" he asked. "No I'm good but thanks anyways" I said while smiling. "No problem" he replied back with a wink. "Okay so you will work at the studio only on weekends unless there is an emergency and we need right away, also we will pick out with what you will be wearing the stuff that we pick out will be mature type of clothing so if you do not feel comfortable wearing the items please let me know. You will have a female photographer that will take pictures of you. Oh and your pictures will be in magazines just to let you know. So do you feel comfortable with this?" he asked. "Yup" I replied. "Awesome now just sign right here" he said pointing to wear I sign. "Nice doing business with you" he said shaking my hand. "you too" I replied also shaking his hand. Some crazy Shit is going to happen...




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