The Deal


2. Deux

"Can you stand right there" asked the young lady as she pointed telling me where to stand. I moved over to where I was supposed to stand and did some poses for her to take pictures of. Once we were finished I took off the clothes I was wearing and changed back to my regular clothes I had on before. "You were amazing I just know that these pictures are going to come out great" she said with a kind smile. "Thank you" I said  with a smile. Then the manager walked in. "Hey Mia Mikey needs to see you" "Okay" I said walking towards his office. "You wanted to see me?" "Yes I just wanted to tell you, you did amazing and that maybe you would want to go out sometime tomorrow?" he said nervously. "Yea that would be nice" I said. After we finished talking I walked out the building saying hey to everyone, I decided to stop by and get me a lunch. After I ate I headed home. "HEY  MOM IM HOME!" I said loudly. "oh hey honey, do you mind going grocery shopping we have nothing to eat." "yea sure mom" I drove over to the grocery store and picked up some food. "Here mom I picked up some food." "Hey tanks honey I forgot to give you money, how much did it cost I can pay you back." she said getting her wallet. "Mom no really don't worry about it" "Well okay but how did you get the money?" she asked. "Oh ugh dad gave me money but he told me not to tell you so please don't tell him I told you he would be so mad at me." After we had our "Money Talk" I got ready for bed,  and got a text from Mikey he told me I had to come in on Tuesday which I had no problem with but the only thing was that I had to come up with another lie...

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