There's 4 types of Witches.
Type 1, Golden WItches. Known for their golden locks and good magic.
Type 2, Shadow Witches. Evil magic is their speciality. Have a taste for blood and loves killing.
Type 3, Silver Witches, or Water Witches. Lives in water and don't react with humans.

Type 4, Unknown. No one knows if this type even exist. Some call it a myth, some don't believe they've existed.

Ashley Parker is known in her school as the 'City Witch'. She's considered strange and scary. Everyone is scared of her. That, until a boy starts in her History class.


2. Chapter 1


I have never been good at first meetings, like ever. I've never been this girl who has a lot of friends, cool and popular, so I've never been good at greetings. So I'm just going to greet you like the cool kids. 'Sup bro?'

Okay, I'm going to cut to the case. 
I'm a witch. And no, not those witches you've heard about that are flying on a broom and have greenish skin. No, no, no. Those witches are just myths and stories. It's kind of odd to know that humans think I'm supposed to have this long nose and long black capes. Sorry, that's just old fairy tales. I've never worn a black cape before, and I don't have a long nose or greenish skin. No, I look like any other human being.

This could be the part were I tell you about the witches' story, like history and stuff, but I'm not going to tell you about it. It's a long story and I believe that you already have a hint of what humans did to us, and we to them. Like the stories about the plague and Salem. Sadly, they're both true, but they have a lot more to it than what you hear in stories and history classes.

No, I'm going to talk about me. The main character in this story; Ashley Parker.

A young, hot blonde girl with blue eyes, that's me. You could say that I was pretty good at this wandering around it the human world, pretending to be like any other decent human being. Except that these two sentences are lies. I'm not some popular Barbie girl who are perfect with her blonde hair and blue eyes. No, that's Rosie, probably the furthest away from a witch that you can get.

Me, I'm the lonely girl who sits by herself in the cafeteria. Yep, that's me. I'm not very good at anything, let alone the magic that's in me. I can't control it, and it's growing. The power I have is like so much more than the president, if he ruled the whole world. Also I like to be alone, having my headphones on and trying desperately to not hear everyone's thoughts. It's hard sometimes, especially since I don't know if my powers will grow to the good side or the bad side. 

There's 4 types of 'witches'.

Type 1 is the 'good' witches, The Golden Witches. They're called that because of the golden locks they get when they're 'transformed'.

Type 2 is the 'bad' witches, Shadow Witches. These are the witches that cursed the humans with the plague. They love the taste of human blood, and sometimes animal blood too. Their passion is killing and they all have black hearts that the devil himself has. 

Type 3, Silver Witches. Lives underwater and never really comes up on land. Don't really connect with humans, not bothered by them either. 

Type 4, Unknown. This is just a myth, some says, other says that there's only 3 types. I think Type 4 did exist. Others think they're just made up.

I didn't know what kind I was, or would become. I don't have golden locks which made me think if I would even become a 'good' witch. But I wasn't evil enough to become a Shadow witch, in my opinion anyways. And I don't like being in water, since I can't swim, so I definitely wasn't going to become a Silver witch. But I could become any of these, I wasn't the one who would decide. I've read that it's the moon that decides. I don't know why, I'm still kinda new to this, since my parents are dead I can't ask any of them. But I think it's because the moon is a very powerful unit for the Witches, and I've read that it makes us powerful. 

I live with other kids. An orphan home if you would like to call it that. I only call it home, since it's the place I live in.

I'm the oldest, seventeen. I've never been picked by a family. It's not that weird, I mean I wouldn't have a witch in my house if I was someone wanting a kid. But I didn't really want to leave ether. This is where I grew up, this is where I want to stay. Sure, they need to fix some walls here and there, because I basically blew up my room the other day, but other than that I'm fine here. I tried hard to not let anyone know who I was, or how my room always ends up in a mess, because I didn't want to end up behind bars. I couldn't spend my life in a cell, or dragged away to a mental hospital.

But being an orphan wasn't the easiest part when in school. That's probably one of the main reasons I became a loner. That and some windows bursting when I entered a room. They call me the 'City Witch'. Most of them are scared of me, Christians most of the school.

"Did you hear, when she walked into the room all the windows broke. Flying onto the other students." 
"She's the City Witch, City Witch I'm telling you."
"I hope she doesn't kill me too." 

I walked down the corridor, whisperers followed behind my back. By every corner, someone would whisper the name 'City Witch'. It didn't take long before I was by my locker. I could still hear them, but in reality some of the whisperers wasn't coming from their mouths, it was their minds. 

I shut my locker and turned around. My silver hair flew over my shoulders, hiding my headphones just a tiny bit. I tried to shut their voices out, keeping me from getting a headache, but it was harder now than ever to shut out their voices. I held my books close to my chest as I walked down the corridor, towards my classroom. I kept my eyes ahead, locking them on the door a few meters away. I didn't want to meet their gazes. I couldn't handle their thoughts or fear any longer that day, and it was only in the morning. 

I opened the door and sat down on the last row. The classroom was more like a small cinema, the rows were on different levels, and each level was a step up. The classroom was empty and I took off my headphones. I took a deep sigh as I tried to clear my head. Trying to get away everyone's fear and thought as I couldn't hear them anymore. I massaged my temples as I looked at my closed notebook. The doodles I've made the other day to calm down, and not blowing up the whole house, didn't make any sense. It wasn't some kind of language, nor was it just simple doodles.

"So I was like; 'You better have my money dude or else!'" I looked up to see two boys come into the room. My eyes went to the boy who had talked. Blonde, blue-eyed and a baseball shirt. "I wonder if I ate that chocolate I had in my locker..." I couldn't help to smile at his thought, he seemed to be a really tough dude. Maybe a baseball player, he had them muscles. But despite that, he thought really hard to remember if he had eaten a chocolate bar.

"Shit, the City Witch is here." He grimaced as he saw me, making the other boy look up. My eyes went over to him. His brown slightly curled hair was almost covered completely because of his snapback. He had blue eyes and had a blue striped shirt. I met his gaze and looked down. Nothing came from him, not a word. No thoughts that would reveal who he was or what he thought. Nothing.
"Why does she have to be in my class?" I looked up at the baseball guy and he froze. 
"D-did she hear me?" He asked as he took a step back. I just looked at him, putting my headphones on. Not long after, a pen from the board fell down and he turned around. The baseball guy looked terrified at the pen that just moved by itself. Whereas the other guy just looked at me. I met his gaze once more, and still nothing. A slight smirk lifted his right corner up a bit, just enough for me to see it.

"Who is he?" 

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