Who Knew A Letter Could Change My Life

One concert, one letter and several dreams all at once. This is my story and how he became THE ONE.


5. Mother Knows Best

"What?" I asked. I must of blanked out. 

"I. Love. You." he had to literally spell it out for me again. He nodded and looked into my eyes. 

"But you can't!" I said. 

"Why not?" he asked. 

"Because I'm not worth it ok? You deserve someone perfect, someone who you love, truly. Someone who is pretty, smart and funny. Because that's not me. You need someone who won't cry because you left for a tour again. You need someone who is not me!" I said. I grabbed my phone and ran out of the room. He didn't love me, did he? I started to run and I just wouldn't stop. I ran. I decided to stop on a bench and phone my mum. "Hi mum!" I said. 

"Are you ok? Where are you?" she asked, worried. 

"I don't actually know but it doesn't matter. The reason I didn't come home was because Connor Ball met me. We have become really close. He asked me out on a date, slept in my bed and let me meet his friends. And this morning, he said he loves me! I need you mum! I need you!" I yelled into the phone. Tears were streaming out of my eyes. 

"I'll use the 'FIND MY PHONE' app to find you. I'll be there in... ten minutes. Stay there," she said and then hung up. I sat on the bench until my mum appeared. She ran to me and pulled me into a big hug. "Explain everything!" was all she said. So I did. I told her everything I could think of. "Wow! I don't know what to say!" 

"I don't know what to do!" I had calmed down. She took my hand. 

"This has been your dream for years darling! Grab him while you can! He sounds pretty in love with you, if you ask me." my mum looked up behind me. I turned around. It was Connor. "I'll leave you alone," she said and left. 

"I am so sorry! I thought it was a good thing but apparently not. You ARE beautiful, smart, funny and not to mention kind. Do you think that I would have shown up to your door last night with so much food, if I didn't? Would I give you my favourite ring of all time, if I didn't? Would I ask to see your again, if I didn't? I really do like you. You have to have confidence with that. We have two more days together and I want to spend every moment with you. I love you Becca," he said. I gave him a hug and kissed him on the lips. 

"I love you too Connor," I said against his lips and I felt him smile. My mum had texted me to say that she went home and good luck. I don't need it. We walked hand and hand to a pizza place. We ate what we ordered so we left. We went back to his room and we cuddled up in his bed watching TV.  

"Is it me, or is it getting hot in here?" he said with a smirk. He took of his t-shirt and replaced his jeans with some shorts. I went to go change in the bathroom and came out in my summer pyjamas. They were a short and vest set. He whistled when I walked out. He tucked me back into his arms and I gradually fell asleep on his chest. I woke up, still on Connor chest. I looked up at him and he was awake. 

"Good morning!" he said. He stroked my hand while we just looked at each other. The door opened and it made up jump. Connor covered his chest while I hid in his arms. 

"Get a room! Jesus!" Brad said. I came out from under the covers and waved. He just laughed. "Do you guys want to spend the day with us?" he asked. Me and Connor both nodded and he left. We got changed into our usual clothes and left to meet them. We met them in reception and we left for an exciting day out. We went shopping and we had a really chilled day together. We went to a café and Connor said he just wanted to go back and pick up something he saw. Me and the boys just got to know each other. I found out all about them and they found out about me too. Connor came back and sat down with us. We finished our drinks and decided to go back to the hotel. Connor took me to his room and he sat me on the bed. 

"I have to leave tomorrow, so I wanted to give you this," he said. He gave me a little box that was gift wrapped. I slowly undid the ribbon and paper and opened the box. Inside was a delicate necklace shaped like a guitar. Our names were engraved on the back. "I'll come and visit you in three weeks. Then we will have the rest of our time together. I love you," he said. He put it on for me. 

"I love you too," I said and kissed him. We climbed into bed and I think I fell asleep with a huge grin on my face. 

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