The Art Of Jupiter

Art is everywhere.
We just don't all see it.
But Jupiter see's it everywhere and she's determined to be apart of it.


1. The Art Of Jupiter

Once upon a time there was a not a princess but a normal girl. She hated the once upon a time beginning of stories. She didn't like how traditional it was. Traditional things weren't her style. She liked wild and wacky and works of art that shocked people in every way. She loved art that had the power to reduce people to tears or take their breath away.  That girl is me, Jupiter Painter. Ironic name considering my love for art. I am nothing more than an inspiring artist. Everything is a canvas in life and everything is art.

My parents called me Jupiter for two reasons. Jupiter was meant to be all about growth and expansion, she believed I would stand for the same thing and the second is because of the quote by Ovid that reads: Jupiter on high smiles at the perjuries of lovers. I have no idea what it means but I like it. My name fuels my artist ideas, it helps me remember who I am and why I paint and draw. I spend hours every day painting, sketching or animating my art on my laptop. I want to make movies.

Movies are art that combines the beauty of design whether it's done by hand or computer animation and the beauty of words written by someone who is completely in touch with the stories they have lived or dreamed. Studio Ghibli creature Hayao Miyazaki drew every scene for some of his movies frame by frame until he felt they right. It must have taken him hours to do.  The Pixar animators who animated Meredith's hair spent hours animating 1,500 hand-placed, sculpted individual curl's. No one every thinks about the artist behind the works of art but they remember how it made them feel whether they felt angry or sad or overcome with joy. I wanted to be part of the process.

 Life is a story in my eyes, anything can be told again but you want to tell the right parts. The parts that make people laugh or cry or inspire people to do something amazing. No one has ever sat down and started telling the story of how they brushed their hair and expected anything but strange looks and yawns. I wanted to tell a story that people had never heard of before. Something extraordinary. 

Every day I draw a new picture, each picture telling a story. I drew a young couple embracing that I encountered in the park, yesterday. I don't know their story but I imagine it is a beautiful love story, one that could rival UP! I want a story that could move people into wanting to change, similar to how Wall-e made people want to recycle and exercise. I want to show reality but in a way that would amaze people too. Amaze them that it was something they lived along side everyday like children trying to accept their parents divorce.  

One day I was sat in the usual cafe round the corner from my house working on a new picture. It was drawn in bright colours with very few black lines. I was having so fun much drawing it. It was a cherry blossom tree with a young child and her mother reading underneath. It was a spur of the moment thing that I decided need to be put on paper. I smudged the pastel back over the girls flowing hair when a voice had made me jump."Excuse me, ma'am" 
"Yes?" I replied, as one normally does before looking up, I recognized the man instantly. "You're John Lasseter! CEO of Pixar!" I gushed, letting my inner Pixar nerd fly free. He let out a chuckle and looked down at me, he was taller then I thought he was.   "Do you mind?" He gestured towards the empty chair next to me.  

"Not at all, please sit" I smiled at him.  

"I couldn't help but notice your art. It's beautiful. I was wondering if you would like to come draw some test art. If the other artists like them there could be a job in it for you" Handing a card to me, I sat  speechless. I remember just nodding at him. "That's great. Come to the studio on Wednesday and bring so of your art with you".

Because of the decision I made to draw the cherry blossom piece, I was noticed by a person that had the possibility to change my life. He had the possibility to make my name famous and my art well known. The possibility to achieve my dreams.  

Until finally he finally changed possibility into reality.

Once upon a time, there was an artist who wanted to change the world. Her name is Jupiter Painter, and she is doing just that, on line at a time.

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