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  • Published: 1 Apr 2016
  • Updated: 1 Apr 2016
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She's lying on her bed, wishing on amnesia,

Not wanting to lapse into the grips of a mental seizure


1. Regrets of Love


When she's alone, her thoughts a whir of emotion,

Wheels in her brain spinning excessive emotion,

When she glances in the mirror, meets the eye of a stranger 

In mindless pursuit, she'd given anything; exchange her,

The brake of her mind lost amidst her fractured soul,

She's an intoxicated driver reeling out of control, 

The jerk of the steering her hand can't restrain, 

Impulsive actions she can never really tame,

Propelled by the lust, she's moving too swift,

Any thought of reluctance is sent adrift, 

Her perspective in scatters, she's drunk on passion 

Her reason wasted, mind is ashen 

She's high on lust, her weary eye's betray 

The vision she should see, has fallen away 

Then she hits the ground, senses pulsing at the impact, 

The shatter of a heart, how can it be intact

She's lying on her bed, wishing on amnesia, 

Not wanting to lapse into the grips of a mental seizure

When she sees her again, heart pounding, palms perspiring,

She made a mistake, but holing this guilt it's tiring, 

She'd been in it for the ride, out of mind, delusional

Eyes failing to see she was far from beautiful  





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