Crimson Fate

In a world, where gods, demons, and humans have learned to co-exist, along with many more of the supernatural, Riku Cinder Sherwood must realize his fate to protect, become the guardian of the daughter of Devil Salem Nightingale, Selene Nightingale, whilst finding his own place in life.


7. Chapter 6

Chapter 6



Riku stared blankly at the bright grin across Selene’s face. Why was she smiling? Was it because he actually managed to kill that thing? He didn’t like it. It’s as if saying he should feel accomplished. There was nothing to be accomplished about. He was a monster. He killed something.  Yeah, sure, they were saved, but still. The red highlights in Riku’s now black hair flowed off into embers and hovered up in the air. The color of his hair returned to dark brown, his eyes also going back to their original color and his pupil to its original shape. He suddenly felt dizzy and weaker than he did before and slumped down to his knees. He jabbed the tip of his sword into the wooden flooring of the church and used it to keep his balance.

“You seem pretty tired.” Selene knelt down next to him. Riku glanced at her then swiftly glanced away. He wasn’t in the mood to speak. Or rather, speak to her. She was the one who turned him into that. Or as she said, awakened him. Apparently she could smell his dormant demon. What that means, he had no idea. He wanted answers. Just what the hell is happening, and what the hell is he?!

“Maybe it would be better if you returned to my house.” Selene spoke softly again. Riku let out a long sigh. He really didn’t want to. The rest of the residents in that house could be demons as well. But then again, they could give him the answers her was looking for. He reached out a shaky hand towards the sheathe. He stood up and eased the katana in its scabbard. He nodded solemnly.“Alright. It seems I really don’t have a choice.” He muttered. Selene helped him stand back up. She tilted her head at his words, not so clear to her.

It felt to Riku as if the walk back to the Nightingale residence took ages. His body ached and he was all around exhausted. He wasn’t used to holding a real sword. It felt much heavier than the wooden ones he used against his grandfather. It weighed him down and caused his arms to go limp. His leaning made it more difficult for Selene to support him at the same time she walked. It was a huge relief when they made it back. Riku was immediately set on one of the couches. Selene and Shepard sat across from him on the opposite couch. Esther carried glasses up water and set them on the table. Riku swiftly downed his glass. The ice cold water felt wonders on his dry throat. The cold temperature soothed his boiling body. He even crunched on the ice cubes.

“I was briefed on what had happened. You defeated a Shade, no?” Shepard began. Riku swallowed the liquid from the melted ice cube in his mouth and set his glass on the coffee table and nodded slowly. “I just don’t understand  what the hell is happening.” Riku tried to remain calmer than his outburst in the church. Shepard let out a soft snicker and sipped on his own glass of water. Riku raised an eyebrow at his suspicious chuckle. Shepard set his glass down and licked his lips. “Listen, like it or not, you are a demon, I am afraid. I could smell it in your blood. Yes, it appears it does run thin in you. I’m guess maybe a little more than a quarter. Selene’s blood seems to have awakened it.” Shepard continued. Riku glanced at the bandages wrapped around Selene’s right hand wrist. He looked back to Shepard and swallowed nervously. “But what do you guys mean, by you could smell my blood?” Riku asked. “We, too, are demons.” Selene whispered. He was right. They were. The entire time they were monsters. But Shepard’s next words struck Riku even more.

“But, the difference between this family and other demons, is that my real name is Salem. Salem Nightingale. I am the ruler of the demon kind. That would make Selene the princess of sorts.” Riku’s eyes widened. He had thought their names were familiar. He was asleep that day in class, but he heard bits and pieces. Cross had mentioned something about the family of Nightingale. But he had never had guess they would be the ruling demon clan. Riku rubbed and shook his head, leaning back into the house. So much to take in.

“And that red thread,” Shepard pointed to the red ribbon still casted around Riku’s hand. he had pretty much forgotten that was there. He lifted his hand from his lap and gazed at the red thread. “It is…a mark of sorts.” Shepard added. Riku raised an eyebrow and dropped his hand. “A mark? For what?” he asked. “More like, you were chosen, I suppose. You see, Selene must have taken a liking to you. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have chosen you to be her guardian.” Shepard answered. Riku’s eyes went wider than before. A guardian? As in to watch over her? Riku did not like the idea of having such a burden. “Like a bodyguard? I’m supposed to be with her, protecting her, like, twenty-four-seven?!” Riku leaned forward and began to wave his hands around to express his frustration. This is practically the same thing as requesting to baby sit. He didn’t have the time. Didn’t really want the time. Especially since she was the one that turned him into this.

“It just means you are capable. Worthy to protect the kin of the Nightingale Family.” Shepard explained. Riku continued shaking his head. What does that matter? The fact of the matter was he had to leave his normal life, for a supernatural baby sitter job. He was wrong. This wasn’t what he was looking for. He wanted something interesting to happen, but not if it meant his entire life taking a three-sixty turn. Esther walked into the living room with a folded red cloth. She picked up the sword next to Riku and unfolded the red fabric. Then eased the sword in, must be some sort of case. Dangling from the sword cloth was a long black strap to sling over your shoulder, or something.

“I understand this is a crap load of stuff to just drop on ya, but there isn’t any other way of telling you.” Shepard, or rather Salem scratched the back of his head awkwardly chuckling. Riku starred down at his hands. At the thread wrapped around his pointer finger. Salem gave him a soft smile and stood up and placed his hand on Riku’s shoulder.

“Why don’t you go home and get some rest. You had a long night.” Salem said softly. Riku nodded, keeping his blank stare focused on the thread. He couldn’t wait to crawl in his bed. The downside, was he knew be bombarded by questions from his family on why he was out so late. He was right. However, he just waved them off. He was too exhausted to speak, let alone explain hours worth of content. He pulled off his jeans and yanked on his pajama pants. He flung himself forwards onto his cool, comfortable bed. He let out a large sigh into his pillow. He stare at the wall. What would come about of tomorrow? He did not know. There was school that day. He wasn’t in the mood for it. His mother would grow upset if he missed, so he would go for her sake. But going would mean confronting Selene again.

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