Crimson Fate

In a world, where gods, demons, and humans have learned to co-exist, along with many more of the supernatural, Riku Cinder Sherwood must realize his fate to protect, become the guardian of the daughter of Devil Salem Nightingale, Selene Nightingale, whilst finding his own place in life.


26. Chapter 25

Chapter 25





The smell of sweet, sweet freedom hit Riku’s nose on a Friday afternoon, the feeling of going to bed later and sleeping in filled him with such glee. However, it was soon shattered by the heavy hammer of reality, house chores, cooking. He sighed and set his school case over his shoulder. Beside him, Selene watched him curiously with a tilt in her head. The sweet scent filled his nose, replacing the bitter smell of responsibility. “Is there something wrong, Riku?” She asked, soft and sweetly. He shook his head with another long and heavy sigh. “Just extremely disappointed.” He replied in a low, depressed tone. “Why would you be disappointed? Don’t you enjoy the weekend?” Selene skipped around him and walked backwards, looking at him. Riku raised an eyebrow, finding her action strange.

“I would enjoy it far more if I had free time.” He nodded and replied. Selene then skipped around to the other side of him and peeked up at him. He looked down at her and tilted his head. She seemed to being make a game out of this; prancing and skipping around as he tried to get a steady look at her. “Then why don’t you come over this weekend? We could invite Seth, too.” Their conversation was interrupted by a cat meowing and rubbing its body along Riku’s leg. Riku jumped in surprise and gawked at the feline. Selene awed and squatted down to pet her hand along the cat’s head and down its back. It purred and nuzzled its head and cheek along her palm. She giggled and smiled and used her finger to scratch under its chin.

“It seems like it remembered us.” Riku put his hands in his pockets. Selene stood, holding the cat wrapped in her arms. The cat didn’t seem to mind being held. Riku half expected it to squirm and claw her. But its purring only grew louder. Riku rubbed the back of his neck. “I suppose I did mention making a home for him.” He let out a soft breath and watched Selene tilt her head but with her usual bright smile. “You meant that?” she asked. Riku nodded. “I have a lot of wood planks and such in my shed. We can build a little cat house and put it where ever.” Selene called Blair out and she gave her the cat to hold. “Maybe you aren’t as mean as I thought.” Riku cringed and sighed. “You keep saying that. I’m not.”

Riku lead them back to his house and ordered them to wait outside while he went in through his back yard. Weeds and tall grass covered the lawn. It looked as if it hasn’t been tidied up in months. Rust layered over the shed’s lock. It only took a little shimmying to pop it off as the metal was so weak. The doors flew open and cob webs fell from above and spiders crawled over the small planks of wood. He removed his sword from his back and set it on the ground so it was easier to pick the planks up he grabbed several since they were small and it shouldn’t take much to make a cat house. “Gonna need some nails and a hammer, too.” Seth leaned on the little fence that outlined Riku’s backyard. Riku jumped and dropped a few planks in surprise. “When did you get here?!” Seth smirked and snickered. “Well, I was checking on Blair. But nothing’s changed, so it’s boring. I also heard about your little cat house.”

“Are you making fun of it?” Blair stomped and stuck out her quivering lip. Seth raised his eyebrow. He gave a gentle smile and shook his head. “No, no. I wasn’t making fun. In fact I’ll help!” Seth hoped the fence and stole a few planks from Riku’s arms and hoped back over. Selene jogged back from running off to obtain a hammer and a small box of nails. She stood beside Riku and watched Seth smile as he tried to explain something about ghosts to a ghost girl. “He seems to be behaving well. They almost look like brother and sister.” She giggled and Riku shrugged. “Yeah, I can agree. Must have good practice.” Selene titled her head and looked up at him. “What makes you say that?” He shrugged and rested the planks over his shoulder. “Seth has a sister that’s in the hospital right now. As far as I know, he sees her every day. He must’ve learned from his older siblings. But don’t make a big deal out of it, he doesn’t wanna whole lot of people knowing---.” Selene’s eyes were huge and watery. Riku yelped and hopped away from her. “That’s so sad and sweet!” She bawled. “Don’t make a huge deal of it!” Selene sniffed and used her sleeve to wipe her face.


“You good?”






“No more crying. You’re really emotional.”



“I know…it also reminds me when I found out my old dog had puppies and it was so cute!” She began to tear up again and closed her eyes tightly. “Or when Esther brought home some treats!” She covered her face in her palms. Riku patted her shoulder and sighed. “Did you make her cry again?” Seth wandered over to them, noticing and over hearing Selene’s crying. “No, no! It’s just…she’s really happy for the cat to be getting a home!” Seth crossed his arms. “And for your sister!” Selene rubbed her eyes. Seth’s eyes focused up to Riku. Riku bit his lip and let out a nervous breath and sunk his hands into his pockets. But surprisingly, Seth didn’t seem all that angry. But Riku knew he still wasn’t all for him telling Selene. “Yeah…just don’t worry about it. It’s not your problem.” Selene peeked from hiding in her hands. Seth seemed solemn about it, but it was obvious it was bugging him.

“I’m sorry…” Selene said quietly and timid. Seth shook and scratched his head. “I said don’t worry about it. If you’re going to worry about something, worry about how we are going to build this thing.” He gestured past him to Blair who placed two planks on the ground leaning into one another for support, like a two plank teepee before sliding down and falling and clanking on the street. “Hadn’t really thought about that…” Riku admitted. Seth brought out his notepad he used for investigating for the S.S.A. and began drawing out a plan. He handed it to Riku and he and Selene check it out. It was modeled after the classic looking dog house with a triangular slanted roof with square sides and a square base with a small half oval entrance.

“Yeah, something like that works.” Riku and Selene nodded. Seth smirked, proud of his decisiveness and slipped his notepad into his jacket. “Alright, kiddo, clear out, big kids gotta work.” Blair stomped and crossed her arms with a huff. “I’m not a kid! What am I supposed to do?” Seth grabbed her arm and placed her in front of the tiny work site. He brought out his drawing pad and had her hold it up so they could look at it and work things out. Seth leaned down and rubbed his chin, focusing on his small handwriting of the measurement arrows along the sides. He looked at the planks and gave Riku one to hold up so he could run his tape measure along the board. He wrote on the drawing that each board was six inches. The walls would need to be three boards high and the floor needs to be four.

“You really have experience with this kind of stuff.” Riku commented. Seth just shrugged it off and put his pen in his belt loop on his jeans. “Just did it often growing up.” was all he said. Riku eyed him oddly. Seth placed a board on top of another and placed a nail in the center of one board’s side and hammered it in until they were connected. Selene sat on her bottom, hugging her knees and squirming about. Riku and Seth looked at her as she began making groaning noises. “Something the matter?” Seth raised his eyebrow. Selene flushed and played with her fingers. “I want to help…” Riku rolled his eyes. He gestured for her to come over. She crawled over and held her hands out. Riku placed a board between her hands to hold it steady as he placed another on top and stuck the nail into the wood. Selene cowered as he raised the hammer.

“If you’re scared you don’t have to do this.” Riku said. “I want to help!” Selene shouted, now beginning to become shakier. She yelped and flinched when Riku slammed the hammer onto the nail head. Riku paused. She nodded for him to continue. She yelped and jumped with each strike of the hammer upon the nail until the two were together. She sighed and relaxed once the deed was done. “That was scary.” She mumbled. Riku chuckled and patted her back. “You did good. All done. Now only four more!” Selene gawked and gasped and let out a depressing moan. “I thought it was only four!” Riku snickered and shook his head. “Seth figured it should be bigger at the base.” Selene dropped her head, her hands still shaking. Riku petted her head like a sad child.

An hour or so later, they had the base and the walls connected. But there was a problem concerning the roof. They didn’t know how to cut the wood to match the picture. They all looked at Riku. He sipped on a glass of ice cold lemonade Esther had brought out for them. He let out a refreshed breath and wiped his mouth. He felt uneasy and looked up at all the eyes on him. “What?” Seth flashed his eyes towards Riku’s sword lying next to him. Riku fallowed his glance. “So I’ve resorted to your personal wood chopper now, eh?” Riku groaned. Seth crossed his arms. “How else are we going to chop it?” reluctantly, he stood up and grabbed his sword. He drew his sword, crimson embers fluttering about, changing his hair and eyes to red. Seth held up a wooden board for Riku to cut. Riku’s angled the edge of his blade along the piece of wood.

“Just don’t cut off my fingers by mistake please…” Selene gasped and pulled Riku back away from Seth. “That’s dangerous! Just put it down or something! Bad!” Riku’s eyes widened then he figured she was right and hung his head in shame, Seth joining in. “Sorry.” They said in unison. “Now, behave! I’ll go get more lemonade.” He harsh demands turned into a kind gesture. She bounced off with Blair to fetch more refreshments with a smile. Seth set the wood on the stairs leading up to the Nightingale’s house. Riku stood in front of it and raised his sword. The sky suddenly swirled and grew darker. A loud blast went off just down the road. Selene rushed out of the house, Salem behind her. “Riku!” She shouted. “It wasn’t me!”

“It came from down the road.” Seth put the wood down and took off his tool belt and grabbed his gun from his jacket and rushed down the sidewalk. “Hey!” Riku chased after him, Selene and Salem not far behind. Walking in the center of the road was a young man, seemingly no older and taller than Riku, in a white suit with a red tie with one hand in his pocket. A taller, older and huskier individual fallowed behind him wearing the same suit and tie. The light posts shatter, along with any glass, or car windows near them. Sparks and shattered glass fell in each area the stepped in. He a steady, focused look on his face, his crystal blue eyes narrowed down the road.

“Who are they?” Riku asked. Selene looked up to her father worriedly. Salem bit his lip and kept his eyes on the two invaders. “Angels. But what are they here for?” They didn’t seem to waver from their objective, whatever it may be. The shorter one had his eyes set on Blair, who hid behind Salem’s leg. A woman in a navy blue suit with a white tie dashed up the sidewalk behind the two. “Alvis! Dmitry! Why are you here?!” The two young men turned towards the intervening girl with a familiar voice. “Another one?” Salem began to grow nervous, the sight of this many angels in one location could never be a good omen. “That’s Embry!” Selene announced. Riku and Seth looked at the girl. Looking past the suit and change to violet hair color, it was her. The shorter angel turned around, his silver hair sticking down to his shoulders. “Embry, do not interfere. This was an order handed down from Lord Yormundgar. To retrieve that child there.” He pointed to the cowering little child behind Salem. Embry’s eyes widened at the gathering of her classmates. She swallowed nervously and opened her mouth to speak, but only gawked in shock.

“Give us the girl.” The taller man had a deeper, rough voice compared to his smaller, calmer, yet stern companion. “Alvis! She is not a threat and is not of use to Yormundgar!” the shorter one, who was called Alvis, began to twitch at the eye. “Become speechless, Halfling.” He opened his hand and a strong force and pressure flung Embry from her feet and crashing into the side of a parallel parked car, leaving a dent in the door. “Do not push me to tell you twice.” Riku grabbed Alvis’ wrist. Alvis turned his eyes to meet Riku’s. They glared at one another. “Unhand me demon spawn.” Riku cringed at his words. Alvis seemed to grow impatient. He swung his hand free. Fallowing up was a sudden line of knifes in the shape of feathers flying from Alvis’ hand. Riku’s fast reflexes drove him to slide out of range and swing a blaze of fire in front of him to avert the knives.

“Are we really going to do this here? Looks like it can’t be helped.” The taller man, who could only be Dmitry, cracked his knuckled and stomped over to rejoin Alvis. Chains wrapped around his arm and pulled back. Embry wore rings and finger tacks with chains extending from them and tried her best to pull Dmitry away. “Wide open.” Seth pulled the trigger to his gun and fired some kind of powdered bullet the burst upon impact. Alvis peeked over his shoulder, seeming cautious of the powder. “I wouldn’t look away!” Alvis hovered off his feet and flipped over and avoided Riku’s swing. He retracted his fist before diving it into Riku’s shoulder. While Riku slid and stumbled, Alvis opened his hand and more bladed feathers shot from his sleeve. They darted and stabbed into anything in their way. Just not Riku.

“How were you able to avoid so many?” with the knives held between his fingers, Alvis guarded against another flame wave from Riku’s katana. Alvis mildly struggled to fend off against Riku’s sword pressing against his feather knives. “To tell the truth, I just learn from each scuffle I get sucked into.” Riku dragged his blade along the knives, creating sparks and then igniting into a small, yet swift blast of fire. All it managed to do was slightly blacken Alvis’ sleeve. A golden aura encased his body; protecting him from the explosion that normal most likely would kill a normal man. Alvis bounced off his feet and whirled his arm around. Riku ducked down and rolled out of the striking range. Alvis instead carved his arm through a light post. The metal of the post looked like an extremely hot knife cut through and melted the metal. It fell and the light bulb inside burst into sparks along the road.

“Yikes! Jesus Christ, what is that?!” Riku felt his neck, feeling that it would take less effort to do that to him than a metal pillar. Alvis remained silent. Casting his eyes over to Riku and immediately firing yet another line of knives. Riku swatted them away from his face, the only ones to reach him punctured into his shoulder and legs. Alvis drove his palm into his gut, sending Riku tumbling down the road. Embry’s chains snatched onto the lamp post and flung it towards Alvis. Alvis’ eyes widened slightly in mild surprise that she had chains on her other hand as well. He noticed Riku making a comeback from his previous blow. He quickly took to the air so Riku cut through the lamp instead of him.

“I’m afraid you cannot reach me from here.” Alvis raised both hands, presumably to shoot even more knives. Riku glanced around for a possible solution. He spotted Embry’s loose chains in a coil on the ground. He grabbed them and dashed towards a parked car off to the side by the sidewalk. He hopped up and sprung up as high as his legs could take him. “No? Think again!” with chains wrapped around the hilt, he twirled his sword then launched it up and thrashed it in one big swing up to the height he could not reach. The blade slashed Alvis’ stomach, sending him to fall back to earth. Embry loosened her chains. Big mistake. Seth took out a pair of cuffs to bring them to the S.S.A, but the supposedly unconscious Dmitry sprung to life, drilling a abnormally large crew into Seth’s gut. He rushed to his partner’s side and gathered him up in his arms.

“There is no time to return to Asgard. But we will escape!” Dmitry whispered to Alvis, who held his stomach cut. The sound of feathered wings beating in the sky sent them off in a flash. “Seth!” Selene gasped. Salem knelt down and eased Seth to lean up. “Damn…I thought that gas worked.” Blood gurgled to the entrance of his mouth and leaked from his wound. “Until we see a doctor, we best not remove it.” Salem carried Seth in his arms and Selene searched his pockets. She removed a golden key. “What’s that do?” Riku steadied Embry, her arm over his shoulder, and his arm around her waist. “I’ll explain later…I promise…” Embry said quietly. Salem and Selene jogged as carefully as possible to the nearest door. The back door to a fast food burger place in the back of an ally. Selene stuck the key in the lock. But when it opened, it was nothing like the back of a grease factory. But a clean, professional hospital.

“What?! How did you…?” Selene shook her head and wrapped Embry’s other arm over her shoulders. “We’ll tell you later! We need to get you guys a doctor!” As if on cue, a woman in a doctor’s coat with two long blond pony tails and large round glasses passed them. She stopped dead in her tracks, then gasped at the sight of the kids. “Salem, I hope there is an excuse for this!” she motioned for several doctors to come over. A pair brought a gurney over. Salem gently placed Seth in it and was swiftly hustled to the E.R. room. Two other doctors helped Embry into a hospital room, the other trying to get Riku to enter a separate room. He kept squirming, trying to look over his shoulder at Selene and Salem. He was pushed into the hospital room and the door closed behind him.    



***Hey guys! I apologize for the SUPER late chapter! I went on vacation and there was little to no WiFi, that, and I forgot my laptop! I know the story has been moving slow, but these past few chapters are making it move faster and I promise it will be more eventful and bigger than the beginning, which I purposely started slow! Thanks for the support!***      

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