"Sparkles?" I asked.

"Sparkles!" She confirmed, making me chuckle.

"Your mind never ceases to amaze me"


I'm not a good writer, or author really, i'm not good at spelling, drawing, singing, geography, science, but yet, she saw everything in me, even if it wasn't there, This is a story of my life with Willow, my best friend.


~~Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved

(All Names Changed For Privacy Reasons)


2. 1


Mother often tells us to stay out of trouble, but I'll be honest, I think that we ourselves are trouble. We live in the dark yet have an un quench able thirst for light-and do nothing to fo fill the thought.

"I'm not sure if their trust worthy." The comment replayed over and over in my head.

Slowly they kill you from the inside out, like a virus, like a bad thought.

We always laid low, though it never seemed to work.


"One...two...three...fou-" I was cut off by a laugh. I turned around and smiled.

"SNOW!" She squealed. Snow was our inside joke, no one really understood it.

"What does that mean?" Adem asked impatiently, this made me join the laughter.

"We'll tell you THIS Friday " she said with a rather large smile on her face, and I soon caught on. It was fairly simply actually, this Friday was a PD day, there was no way for him to know this Friday, though he did not realize.

"Yes, finally!" He said, obviously feeling proud of himself.

"Mhm" I mumbled "Finally."

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