What the future may hold. (A Supernatural story)

When Sam and Dean were looking for a way to help Cas, they meet Dani. A confused, socially awkward teen who seems to have knowledge about the future. Dani wrote the predictions of as dreams, but what if there's something more to it? When Sam meets Dani while shes working at the library, Sam realizes that Dani may know what he and Dean can do to help Cas, and if its even worth it....
(This is just for fun, so there may be huge time gaps between chapters)


5. Whos there?

     After Dean had explained everything to me,  he led me down to the bathroom that he had led me to before and told me to yell if i needed help. I was still a little dazed over everything. After Dean left, i locked the door and started to strip.  I pulled back the shower curtain and stepped in. I turned the water up as warm as it could be without being hot enough to burn me and let the water run down my back. It was soothing to my sore muscles and legs that hurt from being strapped in a chair all night, but it did little to soothe my mind.I was still wondering why i had seen so little of Castiel when, from what Sam and Dean had said, he was such a big part of their lives. I also wondered why i hadn't dreamt of Sam and Dean taking me in, but maybe it was some sort of warding they had put up.Or.....something. There had to be a logical explanation, but i still couldnt shake the feeling that something was wrong. I stood in the shower for a while, until the hot water started to run out. When there was barely any hot water left, i shut off the water and got out. As i was putting back on my clothes, I thought back over every dream I had ever had (that i could remember anyway) of Sam and Dean and tried to seeif there was even a mention of Castiel in there somewhere. But, as i sifted through each memory, i realized that there was nothing about Castiel in any of my dreams. My stomach clenched.

         What does this mean? Why havent i dreamt of him? I ran over dozens of explanations, but nothing seemed to fit the situation.

    I stood in front of the mirror and ran my fingers through my hair.  My hair was tangled and twisted, almost like a birds nest. I pulled open a drawer hoping i would find at least a comb, but came up empty. In the drawer  was a tooth brush, a razor, and some cologne.  I wondered if this was Deans drawer. I moved over and pulled open the second drawer, and almost burst out laughing. This drawer was filled with hair products, from disentangler to a blow dryer. I couldnt help smiling as i pulled out a brush and went to work on my hair. It was hard work, but i was almost done when someone pounded on the door.

        "Jeez, i'm almost done!" I called. I shoved Sams brush back in the drawer and yanked the door open. No one was there.

       "Hello?" I asked. I walked out into the hall and looked for Sam or Dean. No body. I tried to remember the way that Dean had led me, but there were to many hallways that he pulled me down, so it was hard to be sure. I decided to go right and walked down the hall to the end and looked around again. Still noone. Confused, I  walked back to the bathroom and put my hair up in a loose ponytail. I headed back out into the hall and started to look for stairs. 

        "Dean? Sam?  Anybody?" I called.  I was turning a corner when i heard footsteps behind me. I jumped and spun around. Again, there was nobody there. More confused then i had been, i turned back around. And almost started screaming. Standing before me was a woman in maybe her early 20s. She had light hazel eyes and golden blonde hair,which the light made look even brighter.

      She smiled at my unease and said,"You dont need to be afraid, im here to help." And with that she put her hand on my forhead. I let out a loud scream of shock as the world around me started to fade. The last thing i seen before i completely blacked out was Sam and Dean running around the corner. I seen Dean mouth the words "Son of a Bitch!" And then I was sucked in to my mind.


      Ok so im sorry about the time gap between this chapter and the last one, but i had a bunch of tests going on in school.   If you have any suggestions for the storyline to go more ssmoothly, feel free to comment. Also,im going to go back and edit the first few chapters so they may be different. No major changes though. Thank you for reading!!


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