What the future may hold. (A Supernatural story)

When Sam and Dean were looking for a way to help Cas, they meet Dani. A confused, socially awkward teen who seems to have knowledge about the future. Dani wrote the predictions of as dreams, but what if there's something more to it? When Sam meets Dani while shes working at the library, Sam realizes that Dani may know what he and Dean can do to help Cas, and if its even worth it....
(This is just for fun, so there may be huge time gaps between chapters)


1. Monday

It started out as a normal day. I got up to the annoying beeping of my alarm, 

got dressed,and drove to work at the small library by my old high school. On the way to work that morning, I thought of the  latest dream i had had the night before. But it didn't feel like a dream, it felt to real. The hands on my skin, aches in my arms and legs, even the voices yelling at me to run.  But there was no way that it was real. No way at all. 

       I pulled into a parking space and hopped out of my black convertible. It used to be my mother's, but she told me  she wanted me to take care of it since she couldn't anymore, since she was gone. 

      As I walked up the steps to the library, I was surprised to see a shape leaning against the doors.

       "Let me guess, you finished a book in a series and need the next one?" I asked.

       "Ha, you got me." A male voice answered. When I heard the voice, a deep shock went through me and i was taken back to my dreams. No, those weren't real. It cant be. I thought.  "Actually,  I'm here to study." The voice continued. My hands were shaking and I had a hard time putting the key in the lock.

    "Well, your lucky. Nobody shows up on Mondays anyway." I said. I finally got the door unlocked and let him in.

         There is no way. No way.  I thought.  Those  were just  dreams. It can't be real. No way. No way. No way.

      " I there anything special you want to read? Or.... study" I asked.

      "Well, tell me what you have on angels and demons. Im writing a paper for class." He answered.  The voice, so shockingly familiar though i had never heard it before, was making my stomach flutter, like I knew this man. I looked up at his face, a part of me knowing what I would see, but it was still shocking when I saw the exactface from my dream. The same texture, hair, and all.

       " Okay, I'll go dig up what we've got, but first, tell me your name."

         He hesitated, but finally answered, "Sam."  A jolt went through me and i gasped. There's no way my dreams were real, but he was in  them.  My head started to ache and the room started swirling. I had to get one thing out before i fainted, so i hurried forward to say it.

      "Sam Winchester."  His face turned surprised at the sound of his name. "I dreamt about you." The last thing I seen before i hit the floor was Sam pulling a gun out of his jacket.  I was pulled back to my  latest dream were the same man standing before me was lying on the ground, covered in blood.










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