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1. Teatime [Arthur Kirkland]

You and Arthur were close. Well, I wouldn't say too close for comfort, but the two of you had so much in common, people thought that you were siblings. But that was false, and who am I to say?

Anyways, what Arthur enjoyed about your company was how you loved to cook. You were very good, and your county of [C/N] was well-known for their amazing foods. In fact, you were the reason why Arthur likes eating hamburgers now!

Another thing he loved about you was how polite, mature and... beautiful you were, with your remarkable [E/C] eyes that sparkled more fabulously than Edward Cullen, and [H/L], [H/C] hair that would make any girl jealous.

And lastly, you could see Arthur's magical friends. They all got along very well with you! You loved playing tag with the faeries, taking Arthur's unicorn on adventures and playing with the others.

"Hello, love," Arthur greeted you as you stepped into his house. You were also greeted by some of Arthur's magical friends that you could see as well. "Hi, [N/N]!" Flying Mint Bunny said, landing on your shoulder. You laughed, a smile widens on your [S/C] face. "Hey, Flying Mint Bunny!" You replied.

Arthur chuckled lightly, "So, love, would you like some tea and scones?" He asked. You nodded, "Yes, tea would be wonderful. And no thank you for the scones."

Arthur nodded as well, "Very well. I'll be right back! Flying Mint Bunny, please keep [C/N] company while I check on the scones." The Englishman walked off to the kitchen, where you then decided to slip your shoes off, placing them in a corner. Then, you walked over to a plush red couch and sat down, relaxing your muscles.

You could see some of Arthur's magical friends having some kind of little party of their own. You watched as some of the faeries were fluttering about, playing tag, and how Arthur's unicorn was enjoying herself. You giggled as some of the faeries flew around you. You wished that you had a magic friend of your own, but the closest you had was Arthur, really.

You suddenly heard the fire alarm go off! Oh, no! You quickly got up and rushed to the kitchen, to see Arthur extinguishing some flames. You didn't know what to do, so you filled a bowl of water up and splashed it onto the flames, extinguishing some of them.

After the fire was out, the oven beeped. Arthur was about to open the oven door, but you stopped him. "Want me to help you cook?" You asked. Arthur looked up, gazing into your bright [E/C] eyes. "N-No, [Y/N], it's alright. I know what I'm doing."

"Well, I don't think burning the house down to a crisp is apart of baking scones," you muttered sarcastically. "How about you come to my house, and I can teach you how my country makes scones?"

"I... I suppose that could work," Arthur replied, fanning off some smoke. You giggled a bit. "Okay! I can't wait to see you there." Just as you were about to walk away, Arthur grabbed your hand. "Arthur...?"

"Dont you want to stay for teatime, [Y/N]?" The blond Englishman asked, a faint smile somehow visible on his pale face. You blushed a little bit, but nodded. "Yes, I would like that."

'At least his tea is better than his actual cooking,' you thought as Arthur lead you to the sitting room. You once again sat down on the same spot of the couch. Arthur sat directly across from you. He picked up a porcelain cup of tea, as well as the teapot and started pouring the luscious hot liquid into the cup. He handed it to you, "Enjoy, [C/N]."

You carefully reach out for the cup and hold the handle. But you accidentally touched the base part of the cup (the hot part), dropping you tea! It splattered everywhere, and stained the rug. "Oh, no!" You cried frantically.

"Oh, gosh." Arthur muttered, as he went to pick up the shattered glass, but you stopped him. "No, I can clean this up, it's my fault and I'm sorry." You apologized. "No need to apologize, love. It happens." Arthur somehow remained calm! But if you were Alfred, he would release a full Lovino on you.

After picking up the shattered pieces and cleaning up the spilled tea on the floor, you decided it was best to just sit there without doing anything else. Did I ever mention you were a little bit clumsy at times? That's what made some boys like you; they loved how clumsy and cute you were.

"I really am sorry," you muttered. Arthur sighed, sipping his tea. "It's okay. Please, [Y/N], it's done and over with." With those words said, you relaxed your once-tensed muscles, leaning back.


The two of you then sat there in silence. It was pretty awkward, and neither of you really liked it. Even Arthur's friends were eerily quiet. This made you feel a little edgy, like there were ants in your pants or something. "So," you both said in unison.

"No, you go first," Arthur said. "No, no! You can," you replied. "That wouldn't be gentlemanly of me, please [Y/N]."

"Alright." You looked down, clenching your fists tightly, closing your eyes. "Look... I know it's too soon... but I uh... really do like you. A lot."

"I like you too, after all you are my best friend." Arthur replied, not really catching on. You sighed in slight relief. You actually feared that he would reject you. But at least he didn't really catch on to what you were trying to say... or confess, actually.

Arthur was about to say something, until you checked your phone. It was 10:35 PM! "Oh, no," you exclaimed. "I have to go," you stood up and collected your things. You slipped your shoes on and opened the door. But before walking out, Arthur grabbed your wrist.

"Please, [Y/N]. Allow me to drive you home." He offered. It was raining, and you didn't have an umbrella. So you happily accepted his offer. The blond Englishman smiled gently as he held your hand. He lead you to his car, and opened the passenger seat for you. You grinned, and got into the passenger's side.

Arthur got into the driver's seat and started the car. It was quite frigid in the car, but once the heat was on, it began to warm up. The rain was distracting you from your thoughts of... whatever you like thinking about. Arthur started to drive the car slowly. But he sped up a little bit once he got onto the highway.

The entire drive was, once again, very quiet. You turned on your [device] and began reading a SuFin fanfiction. Arthur broke the silence with conversation. "[Y/N]," he spoke. You looked up from your [device]. "Yes?"

"You're home."

You then realized that the car was parked in front of your house. The two of you got out. "Thank you for the time we spent together, love." Arthur said, shyly kissing your cheek. "I did enjoy it."

"You're welcome!"

"And... I have a gift for you." Arthur took out a small, [F/C] box that was shaped like a heart. You blushed, taking it hesitantly. You removed the lid, and inside was a beautiful [F/C] necklace shaped like [C/N]! "I... I love it! Thank you!" You gushed, hugging the Brit.

"You're welcome... also... I have really liked you for a long time. And I was wondering... if you would like to be my girlfriend?" Arthur gazed into your [E/C] eyes with his green ones. You nodded, and slowly kissed the blond's lips. "Of course."

"That's wonderful. I love you, [Y/N]..."

"You too, Iggy."

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