One or the other

"One day I get to spend with them!"
"You have to pick one Lily."


1. First Twitcam

Me and my best friend just turned on Twitcam to watch one direction our favorite band. When we were watching we just heard"And she went in." we started to laugh and I said" I'm soooooo twitting that." So I pulled out my phone and put Just put on 1D Twitcam and heard @Zayn_Malik say "And she went it."#LOL And I hit post. All the boys' phones rang and they pulled it out reading it and laughed. Then Louis said"Well Lily_Smiles300 he said before that haunted house." Me and my friend stopped laughing at looked at my computer seeing he was talking to me. Soon I got bored of them and my friend said"Hey lets make a Twitcam!" I looked up at nodded. I hooked up everything at posted Watch our first Twitcam Lily_Julie! After that I got a comment from.... Louis Tomlinson saying we will watch. I was like ok cool. As me and Julie were making jokes and talking about ALL the drama at our school I got 3 new followers. I saw them all.. Me eyes popped out of my head and Julie saw and said "What's up?" Getting up from where she was. I said Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik all follow me!!!" We started to jump up and down and we stopped and she said "Sorry we are huge Directioners." After that I got a privet text on Twitter from... Louis Tomlinson. It said Hey you guys are pretty funny. I respond Thanks y'all aren't bad yourself. I put my phone down thinking that was it and he texted Can I have your number? I was shocked so I said Why? So he had to tell me he replied Because I would love to know you more love. I gave him my number at left it as. We were done with the Twitcam so I had so much free time because I had already passed high school when I was 19 so today! Louis texted me Sup love. And before I could text anything he CALLED!! But it wasn't a phone call no it was FaceTime! I answered but scared. I saw ALL the boys I laughed and little and I saw Louis. "Boys this is my phone now move!" I held in a laugh and smiled. Soon we talk and I got to know all of them a little more that day.They told me their birthdays and Louis's birthday was yesterday. I was amazed because today was MY birthday. They said Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to me. Soon the other boys left but Louis and Liam. We talked till it was 12am where I was and 6pm there. I said my good byes and went to bed but my dream had me in disbelieve.

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