Forbidden love

No one wants to be in a love square, it makes for really awkward double dates. Luckily management always believes they can avoid fate with a publicity stunt and a contract.


19. 19

Louis P.O.V.

The sun blind me well before I open my eyes. It seems through my eyelids like water spreading across a tissue. The bed Is cold next to me, alice had gone. In her place is a scrap of paper covered in her curly writing. I reach over and pick it up.

'Gone to Gigi's. Will be back later. Have a good day. A xx'

There is bottle of pain killers for my head on the bedside table next to me along with a glass of water that she must have put there for me. What have I done to deserve this angel. God my head hurts though, I wish she was here with her signing voice to lie next to me and we can just laugh everything off. It's a good job there is nothing planned for us today as we are flying to Japan at some ridiculous time tomorrow morning. I walk downstairs after I've taken two tablets. Mike sitting at the kitchen table reading a newspaper.

"Aren't you supposed to be with Alice." I say, grabbing another glass and filling it with water.

"I dropped her off this morning but she said there was no point in me staying as Gigi has security. She will call me if others are any problems or when she needs picking up." He says very calmly inside I feel like I'm about  to explode. It may still be the alcohol from last night but I feel so annoyed with him.

"I don't pay you to just drive her around and then leave her there. I've told you, you do not leave her alone unless she is with me." I shout grabbing my phone and unlock it. A text suddenly comes through from her.

'Gigi has asked me to and shoot some stuff in America as she can't make them. I need to take this job I hope you understand. I love you lots and I will be back in over a month's time. A xxxxxxxxxxx.'

"A month!" I shout dropping my phone on the marble floor. Glass smashes everywhere. I can't cope without seeing her for a month. What about the baby and the check uos she needs what is she loses it or, or.

"Your fired get out of my house." I shout at him storming upstairs to get dressed I throw some clothes on not laying attention to what they are and then run back down to the garage. I call Niall while I pull out the drive in my massive shiny Landover.

"Hey mate what's up?" He asks after the second ring.

"Are you at home?"

"Yeah. Why?" 

"I'll be there in a few minutes." I say and hang up. I drive across London like a mad person and reach Niall's house in record time. I climb out the car and open the door not bothering to knock. He never locks the door. I walk through to the sitting room where he is sitting along with Liam and Harry.

"Were you blind this morning when you out your clothes on?" Niall asks laughing, I glare at him.

"No I'm just slightly stressed. Alice left this morning to go to Gigi's for the day but she texted me saying she's going for over a month to shoot something that gigi was mentioned to do but couldn't make it. But it just doesn't seem like something she would do." I say sighing, I feel better already having let it out. I colapse on the sofa.

"Relax she has just gone to America to shoot some stuff and will be back soon. Nothing is going to happen. I'm going to go and make us some lunch." Harry says getting up and leaving the room.

"Same. It's fine Louis don't worry." Niall says patting my shoulder and then walking out.

"I agree with you. It's not something she would do."  Liam says sitting down next  to me."how about we go there later and ask them." He says. I just nod.

"I'm sorry Liam. I've been such an dick to you." I say looking up at him his face shows a shocked expression he clearly expecting me to apologise."

"That's alright I've been horrible to Alice. No woman deserves to be treated like I have to her." He says getting up and holding his hand out for me to tkae. I take it and he pulls me up. "Now let's go see about lunch."

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