Forbidden love

No one wants to be in a love square, it makes for really awkward double dates. Luckily management always believes they can avoid fate with a publicity stunt and a contract.


12. 12

Alice's P.O.V.

"You ready yet. We are all waiting for you." Louis shouts up the stairs. We have booked a club for tonight's party as no one wanted to clean it up after and we thought getting someone to do it for us would be unfair. I have put on a skin tight black dress and heels. I am just finishing curling my hair and then I need to stick some big loops in my ears.

"One second." I shout back. I can almost hear them all groan. I stayed last night at louis place. He said I could stay here but I constantly feel like I am invading his space. I think he likes having some one else to fill the space. I switch the curlers off put my earrings on and grab a necklace which I need one of the boys to put on. I make my way out and towards the stairs. They are all standing in a circle and Liam is facing me. His jaw drops and I blush. They slowly all turn around when they notice Liam. Louis wolf whistles. "Could one of you put this on for me." I say. Liam just nods and put it on.

"Try and breath." Niall says patting his back and walking out the front door. We all make our way to Harry's big land rover. We have all invited some people and most of them are celebrities so there will probably be paparazzi when we get there. I am squished inbetween Liam and Niall in the back. One of Harry's staff is driving as we will probably get drunk although I can't as I'm pregnant.

"One of you smells good." I say.

"Its probably  me." Liam says nudging me.

"I think it was Niall actually." I say winding him up. We pull up by the club and the driver stops the car. Liam opens the door and then helps me out. There are a few cameras around. I find Louis and we walk in holding hands. A few people have already arrived but not that many. We go to the bar and I get some water.

"Miss adventurous over here." Louis says laughing. I glare at him and he stops. We get a table and I sit down as my feet are dying in the shoes. I spot Gigi over in a corner.

"I will be back I've just spotted a friend." I say getting up and walking over.

"Hey Alice how are you?" She asks as soon as I get close enough.

"Good you?" I shout over the loud music.

"Fine I've been in Paris shooting stuff. I've heard about your new label coming out, very exciting."

"Yeah I am exhausted though and its only going to get worse." Someone who I think I recognize, but i can't see his features because of the lighting. He hands her a drink.

"Thanks babe, this is Alice, Alice this is Zayn my boyfriend." She says, I gasp slightly as I finally realize who it is.

"Hi love." He says as I shake his hand.

"Uhm. I really need to go to the bathroom I will see you later maybe." I say, walking away. I go back to our table. Stan, Lou, Gemma and another person who I don't recognize is sitting with louis.

"Louis I need to speak to you now." I say grabbing his hand and pulling him out of ear shot.

"Whats the matter?" He asks, sensing something is wrong.

"Zayn is here."

"What, how no one invited him." He says looking around.

"Well his girlfriend is Gigi who is one of my friends and she brought her boyfriend so he is here."

"I'm going to speak to him." Louis says, starting to walk of. Shit what am I going to do now. I look around trying to spot one of the other boys, I see Niall but he is busy making out with a girl, I can't see anyone else. All though at my tiny height its quite hard to see anyone in general. Looks like I am going to have to go and stop it myself. I stride back over weaving through people dancing. I see them looking very annoyed and in a heated argument. I walk over to Louis side and try to intercept there talk.

"Well at least I have a life unlike you." Zayn shouts at him. I can tell they are both drunk, this is not going to end well.

"Excuse me, at least I have people who care, unlike your slut for a girlfriend." Louis fires back pointing at Gigi.

"We can have a proper family with children in it unlike you."

"I have a child on the way. Thank you very much." Thats it I'm not listening to anymore of it. I step infront of Zayn just as he decides to take a swing at Louis knocking me in the head. I start to wobble and Louis catches me. The world starts fading as I feel myself being picked up and taken away.

Louis' P.O.V.

What the hell is Zayn doing here. Gigi had no permission to bring her boyfriend. I march over and step infront of him.

"Zayn." I say through gritted teeth.

"Louis. A pleasure as always." he says laughing.

"You weren't invited I believe." I say.

"So how is your girlfriend doing." he says grabbing a drink as someone passes I take one as well and down it. I feel the alcohol start to kick in.

"Great. Thanks. I see your album wasn't successful." I say, he glares at me.

"Well at least I have a life unlike you." he shouts, Alice comes up and trys to push me away but I brush her off.

"Excuse me, I have people who care, unlike your slut for a girlfriend." I shout pointing at Gigi who is talking to some one else probably chatting them up.

"We can have a proper family with children." That one really hurt, he knows about Larry.

"I have a child on the way. Thank you very much." I say, I see Zayn's fist tense up ready to punch me when Alice decides to step in the way. Zayn swings thinking he will hit me but instead it lands on Alice. She starts wobbling around and I catch her from falling.

"Get out before I call police." I shout, they both scurry out. I pick Alice up and spot Liam sitting with Stan. I walk over.

"Liam we need to go now." I shout. He looks at Alice and nods. We walk out the door. Harry and Nial won't worry about us there probably too drunk. I carry her outside and cameras flash. Liam shouts at all of them to get out the way, we make it to the car and I slide in with Alice lying across my lap. Liam drives full speed to my house.

"What happened?" Liam asks.

"Zayn." I say back. We have reached my house. I climb out and Liam grabs the spare key from under the mat and we go in. I go up and put her on her bed and then go down to where Liam is.

"Did you have a fight or something." Liam asks handing me some water.

"Yeah, he's a right dick."

"He is just going through a tough time with his album not being successful and losing all of us."

"Well he didn't have to lose us if he hadn't been such an idiot about it." I say storming off to bed. I know Liam won't follow as the only person who can talk to me at times like this is Harry.

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