Forever And Always - Tom Kaulitz fanfic

This story is about two bands who meet, (the girls from one band are the drummer from the other bands cousins). Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schafer are a band called Tokio Hotel and Siedah, Phoenix and Roxxianna Schwarzer are triplets and are in a band with their step-sisters Pariah-Lee Kreuk and Madina Kreuk. They meet and soon enough love is in the air... :)


4. And Love Blossoms.

Two days later siedah and roxxi were all unpacked at their new house. Phoenix had moved her stuff in too. they were planning a housewarming party for in two days time.

'So i'll get the alcohol, but one of the guys will have to help carry it ha-ha. well start at 8, Madina, you sort out music and Pariah gets the munch!' said roxxi.

'Yeah sounds like a plan.' said siedah. 'But just one thing, what am i doing in all this?'

'You sit there and look pretty...we don't want you dropping anything this time.' said madina.

'That was just one time! and you know i get those random twitches its your fault for letting me carry everything!!' said siedah.

'You could have refused to carry it...'said Pariah.

'But i didn't so, still your fault for not stopping me.' said siedah smiling.

'Anyway, now we've planned that...what we doing today?' asked roxxi.

'We could start doing a bit of shopping. food for the party and while we're at it, go in to see the guys and tell them whats happening on Saturday.' said siedah.

'Yeah, thats another good plan...we're on a roll today.' said pariah.

'Makes a change.' said madina.

so the girls got ready and went shopping for some party food. siedah and phoenix went round to see Gustav. they knocked on his door and bill answered. 'Hey, come in.'

'Hey so we've got the food ready for the party but tomorrow we'll need a big strong man to help us get all the alcohol.' said phoenix.

''I suppose Georg and tom could help.' said bill.

'Yeah, i'll help you.' said tom. 'But isn't the party for another two days yet?'

'Yeah, but i figured i might as well get everything now while i'm out. so you coming, I'm not getting too much so i only need one of you' said siedah....'And seeing as Georg's disappeared, i'll take tom.' she said, giving tom a cheeky smile.

tom and siedah started walking to the local shop. 'So what are you wanting when we get there?' said tom.

'Something vodka-like for roxxi, something lager-like for me and pariah and anything for the others...they're not too fussy.' said siedah.

'Right, sure you could carry that on your own...lets face it, you nearly took georg down the other day.'

'Yeah but i hurt myself! besides it would be easier if i had help.' said siedah.

'True...very true. plus then you wouldnt have to walk all on your own with no one to talk to.' said tom.

'Exactly...which way's quicker to the Bargain Booze?' asked siedah.

'Why bargain booze?'

'Well the woman in the big shop doesn't really like me... I'm not gonna tell you why though, that's a story for another day.' said siedah.

'Fair enough. so i've not really had time to get to know long you gonna be staying over here for?'

'Umm, i think I'm just staying until you guys go back home...i figured Gustav would have told you that me him and roxxi are getting our own place and the other girls are moving back home too...but not with us, they're getting their own place hopefully near us.' said siedah

'Oh...he didnt tell me.' said tom. 'So back you have family waiting for you?'

' not really just 2 brothers but i don't see them much. me and the girls were taken off our parents when we were little, we were put in a children's home and when we were 16 moved in with our older sister Bekki but she's no longer with us if you know what i mean...' said siedah.

'Yeah i get if you dont mind me asking, why were you taken off your parents?'

'Well...that's a story and a half! it started when i was 5... my mum decided she couldn't cope, went a little crazy and started abusing us. it got to the point where she pointed a gun at her own daughters and shot me in the leg. in hospital one of my older sisters told the nurses everything and they got social services involved...My dad was a cool guy though, the only reason we couldn't live with him is because he was terminally ill and wouldn't have been able to look after us. i'm sure Gustav told you his uncle died.' said siedah

'Yeah i remember him saying something now...thats a shit life you had then. i'm sorry to hear all that.' said tom looking siedah in the eyes.

'Its fine...people always say its good to talk about this kinda stuff.' said siedah.

' have you got a boyfriend back home?' asked tom.

'Nope. got rid of him when he tried it on with my best friend...well he succeeded so i no longer talk to either of fact i actually punched my so-called best friend in the face! fun times!' siedah laughed.

'Well you sound fun to be around when your angry.' said tom sarcastically. 'If we cut through this alley here it'll bring us out at the side of bargain booze.'

they walked down the alley and siedah suddenly stopped. tom turned around to look at her. 'You OK?'

'thanks.' she said.

'For what?' asked tom.

'Being so easy to talk to and know...being like everyone else.'

'What do you mean?'

'well i've never been able to talk to anyone about all this because anyone i told in the past would end up using it against me in some way...but i can tell you different so thanks.' said siedah.

she smiled at him and he smiled back at her. she went to hug him.

he put his arms around her and whispered, 'Im always here if you need to talk you know.'

'I know, thanks.' said siedah.

she looked up at him. looked staright into his eyes. those lovely chocolate brown warm and kind...inviting and loving...and at the moment, looked a little teary.

suddenly, tom leaned down to siedah and kissed her lips. she kissed him back. it was a passionate kiss and didn't last long. just long enough for siedah to know that this time, she wasn't making a mistake.



they went into the shop and looked around for things to buy. They got all their alcohol for the party now just looking for some munch for today. 'I cant decide.' said tom.

'Neither can i!' laughed siedah.

'Why dont we take this stuff back and go get some food from the cafe down the road?' asked tom.

'Ooh that sounds good. that place do amazing chips...don't ask i just really like chips.'

'They do criss-cross chips too.' said tom.

'Really?! oh my god i gotta get me some of them!' said siedah.

they paid for their beers and walked home. tom carrying the heaviest bag in one hand and siedah carrying another...their free hands touched as they walked. tom decided to hold siedah's hand. She didn't seem to mind so he held it tighter but didn't noticed the huge smile on siedah's face as she walked looking at the floor...

so hand in hand they walked back to Siedah's house and dropped off the stuff they'd just brought. 'We're just gonna go out for some food.' said siedah to pariah.

'Oh really? that kinda sounds like a date.'

'Dude! its not a date we're just hungry.' said siedah.

'was it his idea?' asked madina


'Then it kinda sounds like a date...he asked you out to get food...' said roxxi.

'Yep! sounds like a date to me!' said pariah.

'Hold up..... you've kissed him haven't you?' said phoenix.

'What?...wha...well, yeah but that's not the point.' said siedah.

they just looked at her. 'Right im going...bye!' said siedah

she walked out to the front door where tom was waiting for her. 'Right I'm ready. lets go get food!'


:)          (let me know what you think so far!!) xx           :)



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