I HAVE A BROTHER!! Harry Styles

A 13 year old girl finds out she has an older brother and an older sister.. Read to find out more about the adventure who the siblings she found.. ����


5. Chapter 5

 Liam's POV

Harry's sister is so much like Harry, but in a girl version. I keep wondering why now, why in the middle of his career she pops out of no where. We are on  our way home and the others are joking around. I have no one to talk, then i receive a text message from Destiny:

* Convo*

D: Hey babe

L: hey sweet cheeks, whats up

D: the ceiling, nothing much what about you

L: LOL XD....... going home after a concert

^ arrived & Riley's sleeping ^ 

L: gotta go babes, talk to you later

D: Kk. 


" hey guys, where does Riley sleep" Zayn asks in curiosity

"Ummm..... In my room till we sort out her room" harry replies with a huge smile

"k. Night guys, i'm knackered " Niall said while the other agreed.

Harry's POV 

We all get out of the car but i am he last as i have to carry my sister to  my room since she is asleep. * sigh* It's been along day and finding out i have another sister who is 4 years younger to me is a shock. Which means i am not the younger one anymore. I smile since i have a part of my family with me . 

" Dad, NO!!!!" riley screams in her sleep 

"Riley, wake up baby girl, it's only a nightmare"

"W-What, OMG , i am so sorry" she whispered 

"it's ok, why don't we try and fall asleep" 

"yea k"



Louis POV

I woke up to see that is was 8am but i couldn't go back to sleep how many times i have tried to. Ugh. i get up and walk down the corridor to see Riley and Haz hugging and sleeping. I take my phone and snap a picture and post it on twitter. How cute :).

Wish i could see my family, OH wait i could face time them. 

    - Face time Lottie -

LOT: HEY BR0000!!!

LOU: HEYY lotts 

LOT: why you up so early

LOU: i dont now, tried going back to sleep but couldn't

LOT: Oh ok

LOU: where's mum and everyone

LOT: Mum , daisy, felicite and Phoebe have gone out. Umm.. Doris, ernest and Georgia  and me are at home 

LOU: Take care LOtts 

LOT: i will, bye, gotta go, i'l  call you later in the evening,

LOU: K.. Bye 

LOT: Bye!!!

I was chuckling. i have a great family.. i turned around and screamed.. Riley and Niall were eating breakfast with amused faces.." YOU WO NEARLY GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK" " See LOU there's a NEARLY in it so, you didnt." Riley said while shrugging while nial was laughing


" RILEY!!!" he yelled

" SORRY!!!" she exclaimed with a grin


Thank you chapter 6 will be up soon and sorry i uploaded this one late :( 




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