Written in Rain (Kyle David Hall x Jordan Sweeto)

MDE and a few others, those who are dating the members moved in to one big house and being the only two single people Kyle and Jordan are usually left by themselves. The only thing is Kyle keeps making moves on Jordan and Jordan doesn't know what to do.


1. Moving in

Jordan's pov

I just got out of the car letting Ellie and Lucy out as well when Bryan came bouncing out. "Hey Jordan." Bryan greeted. "Hey." I replied back. "Who's else is here? I asked as he help me get my things. "Were the first ones here, Johnnie and Alex will be here in a few days, the others sometime after that the rest expect Kyle he'll be here in a few minutes."He answered. "​so we get first choice." I joked. "Nope I got first choice, so you guys get the sucky rooms." He replied as we went in. Eli and Lucy followed, a few minutes Bryan had sat my stuff down in a random part of the room and now petting Ellis. "Aww who's a cutie? You are, yes you are. Aren't you." He spoke in a voice used on babies. "I know I'm cute but you don't got to do that." A familiar voice laughed. Bryan and I both laughed a bit, before helping Kyle get his stuff in. After we did I decided to look at the rooms. Bryan said he got the best room but I think wrong. The room I'm standing in now has the beat view. Plus I could sneak onto the roof at night and look at the stars. I stared to bring my stuff up as Kyle did, he chose the room down and a cross from mine, which has a nice view as well but he has the sun coming threw his window. We got our stuff up with little help from Bryan who was still playing with Ellie and Lucy, at least their getting along and someone's watching them. As I went to get the last of my stuff I saw Kyle lying on his unmade bed. A slight snore was coming from his room, I closed the door quietly so some sound would be blocked out and he wouldn't be woken.




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