Two best friends who do everything together have to separate when one's parents get a new job far away.. but when they both find new best friends they both realize they can't stay best friends forever... they become completely new people that the other doesn't recognize and start fighting. Can they still be long distance friends or will the new selves get the best of them?


17. Chapter 17: Tracy

     "Carlos, I.." "Why did you get mad?" He asked.  "When me and Quinn were super young, I was in love with Jordan.  She promised to never date him.  I don't like him anymore but it's the thought that hurts.  " I say.  "I understand, you love me right?" He asks.  I hug him.  "Don't be silly Carlos!"  "So where do we go?" Carlos asks.  "We act like... we don't speak any English at ALL!" He chuckles.  I gain a french accent.  "Bonjour." I say.  "Ciao!" Carlos exclaims.  We walk around, and when people try to talk to us, we look confused and talk in French/Italian.  We walk into my normal shop.  "Hey, Tammy." I say to the lady at the counter.  "TRACY!  It's been forever, where's little Qunnny?" She says.  "We got in a bit of an...argument." I say smiling.  "Oh... was it about her being the most popular girl in school?" She says.  "She betrayed me." I say, through my smiling teeth.  "Okay, have your usual?" Tammy asks.  "No... I don't want the same thing as Quinn." I growl.  "Fine, what do you want?" Tammy says, a bit annoyed with my anger towards her.  "I'm sorry Ta-" "Forget it." She says.  "My usual." I state.  "I'll get that for you."  But when I go to get a seat, I notice Quinn eating alone... eating OUR usual.

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