Frosted Wolves

Our names are April and Hope and we are wolves.
Its in our nature to be kind.
But know this:
When it comes to protecting our friends, family and hearts.
Do not trifle with us:
For we are the most powerful and relentless creatures you'll ever know.


5. Change

Hope's P.O.V

I only shift into my wolf form if its necessary because it's so painful to change. Well for me at least. But that's not the only painful thing. Watching. Watching Ace, Conan and April have fun in their wolf form, but not me. I just sit there and watch from a distance and know I'm the least important person in the group and I know it wouldn't matter if I was their or not. The worst feeling is not being lonely but feeling as if your forgotten by the one person you'd never forget. April.

Every now and then they'd all stare back at me with their beautiful eyes, to make sure I'm safe, but it's mostly April and I wonder if she really cares about me as much as she used to. Ever since Conan and Ace arrived she hasn't spoken to me as much, which is sad, but Conan did save her life and they both deserve to be happy.

Ace on the other hand is quiet but I know he is secretly watching every move I make. I come to the conclusion he likes me but he doesn't want everyone else to know about it. The reason I came up with was because he doesn't want to be known as the "weak" wolf, him doing everything I ask of him, him keeping me safe. Although if I were to have a relationship with Ace I wouldn't be demanding, nor would I expect him to protect me in every bad situation I come across. No, I should be capable to stand up for myself. All I would ask of him is to treat me the way he'd like to treated, simply with respect.

As I snap out of my daze a wolf stands directly in front of me. I'm able to feel their warm breath against my skin, but I can also see it due to the frosty weather at this time of night. A pair of beautiful, shining blue eyes make contact with mine which makes it impossible to break the hold. It's white fur blends in perfectly with the snow falling from the night sky. April. One of the most beautiful wolves I have ever seen. 

It's only as I break out of the gaze that I realise how cold I am. I shiver and April notices. She puts her snout through the open bags and pulls out the only blanket we have with her teeth and pushes it into my chest. I take it and after I do she gives me backpack to rest my head on. I lay down on the freezing snow and try to get as close to the warm fire as possible. April comes closer to me and pulls the blanket to my chin and puts her forehead on mine to symbolize a hug. I smile. 

"Thank-you." I whisper and I slowly drift off into a sleep.

April's P.O.V

Hope's in pain. I have only been able to feel it ever since I shifted into my wolf form, everything she feels is so much stronger now. I can sense her physical and mental pain, they aren't very pleasant. Her physical pain is the  transformation from a wolf to human and via versa. Her mental pain consists of the feelings of not being wanted and the ability to not forgiving herself for all the wrong things she has done and for not being good enough for anyone. She shouldn't be feeling like this because she's done nothing wrong and I wouldn't of come with her if I wanted to erase her from my life. I'm going to help her forgive herself, and I'm not stopping until she's better.

"April, whats wrong with her?" Ace says as hit sits himself next to me by the warm fire.

"She's in pain." 

"What sort of pain?'' he asks concerned. I notice Conan's eyes watching us from the other side of the fire.

"Mental and Physical." I say with a bit of guilt in my voice. This is all my fault, I should've noticed this earlier and not let it go on for this long.

"Can you try to be a little more specific?" Conan asks for Ace and I nod.

"She's finding it incredibly painful to shift in and out of her wolf form, which is her physical pain. Her mental pain consists of two things. The feeling of not being good enough and not being able to forgive herself for all the terrible things she's done." I say with a sigh and glance to Ace at whose frozen still.

"What terrible things could Hope have possibly done?" Conan asks

"I think she believes that I was forced to come with her because I was her only friend. I don't understand what makes her think that. I chose to come along, I could've happily stayed behind but I didn't, she didn't force me to come. I chose to come but she doesn't understand that and now it's all my fault! I can't help her in her shifting either because i'm not her mate! Why did I have to find mine but she didn't find hers? Why do I get so lucky? Why?" I complain and tear escaping my eye and immediately Conan is at my side rubbing my back, trying to make me feel better.

"You didn't get lucky." Ace interrupts "I'm her mate." As i find out this news my jaw automatically drops.

''Your her what?" I growl my inner wolf becoming furious.

"I'm her mate." and that's all it takes for me to loose my shit and transform into my wolf form ready to attack Ace. 

Ace P.O.V

I know I deserve everything that's coming. I have been the worst mate and I should suffer the consequences but I can't let myself be beaten by a pathetic newborn wolf. I'm not going to injure her or anything just show her who she's messing with. I start to transform and as I do Conan transforms into his wolf too, because he clearly thinks I'm going to hurt his mate. God, I thought he knew I wouldn't ever do that. His brown fur shines in the rays of the moonlight and his green eyes are flooded with rage.

April charges at me and Conan has no chance to stop her. Honestly, she's a really fast runner. She's leaps on me in second pinning me down into the cold snow with a lot of force, but not enough. Now it's my turn to make a move. I flip her and she smashes into the floor but as I go to take a bite into her neck Conan smashes into me and we both go tumbling. He is up quickly and snarls at me and I snarl back.

Back away from her. He says in our bonded mind speak.

I wasn't planing on hurting her. I say honestly Just wanted to show her who she's messing with.

You were going to bite her. He says angrily

Was... but you stopped me. Conan changes the subject immediately.

Are you going to accept Hope as your mate Ace? I hesitate for the slightest second.

Yes. Is all I manage to say and with that Conan has shifted back into his human form and I follow him.  

As we both turn we notice April hasn't shifted from her wolf form and I can tell she's scared of me. As I take one step forward she takes one back. I was going to bite her, she has every right to be scared. I turn to glace at Conan and he shakes his head at me, I know he saw this coming,

"April. I'm not going to hurt you." I say "I'm sorry."

That one word was all it took for her to walk away from me. She walks over to the fire and curls up into a ball beside Hope, not shifting from her form. My mind races and all I can think is what have I done...

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