Me, Myself, and Quite a Few Others [DISCONTINUED]

My diary...... hi. I know i already have a diary here but i've just havent had a lot of time so here i am making a new one because to much has happened since then. So yeah here's my life. In an online story. (yay) BTW go check out Fire Girl's diary, it coincides with this one! (Fire Girl is Brooke)


11. The Week Before The Dance

(Hi guys! Okay, so you may have gotten kind of confused in the last chapter because I switched from present tense to past tense. I'm reeaally sorry about that. I will be sticking with past tense though because I do want to finish this diary about my 7th grade year and since it's actually Summer now, It's kind of hard for me to write about these events in present tense since they were so long ago. Thanks for understanding! :D)

English class wasn't exactly my favorite class, but It was way better than most of my classes, so actually maybe it was my favorite. XD It was Via's favorite class because she could sneak onto Roblox because we sat the table farthest from the teacher. Parker just liked the class because he could talk. So one day, Via, Parker, and my friend Mae sat at our usual table like any other day. Via suddenly got up to go to the bathroom and Mae was called up to our teacher's desk to show her how much of her essay she had done in the past half hour(Absolutely nothing). Parker suddenly leaned across the table and tapped my shoulder. "Hey Margo... You know there's a dance on Friday, right?" "Yeah, why?" I asked distractedly, flipping through my binder, looking for the paper I had lost a couple days earlier and just realized it was due. "Would you... Go to the dance with me?" I looked up from my binder, startled. "What?" "I was just wondering..." "I'm sorry... Parker I have a boyfriend." I really was sorry. For some reason I really wanted to go with him. The only reason we weren't dating now was because in 6th grade when he asked me out at lunch with Via, who I knew liked him, sitting right next to me, all it took was one glance at Via and I threw away my love for Parker and said, "I'm sorry, Parker, but I think there's someone else that likes you more than I do." "Yeah, I get it," Parker mumbled, "I just... like you." "I know, I kind of like you too." I said, giving him a noogie. 

After class, I saw Justin in the hallway. He walked up to me when I was rifling through the junk in my locker and he tapped my shoulder. I turned to face him, smiling, jumping in front of my locker so he wouldn't see what a mess it was. "I heard Parker tried to ask you to the dance." "I said no!" I told him quickly. "Okay, good. Well, would you go to the dance with me." "Y-yeah.Of course!" I said. God, I'm way to nervous around him. I thought. "Cool, Awesome, Radical, Nufin." He said, and walked off to his next class. I sighed. As much as I liked Justin, that weird "Nufin" Thing he did was so annoying. 

After school, just before I got on the bus, Parker grabbed my sleeve. "Parker? What's up?" "I'm going out with Kara." He said proudly. I stared at him for a moment. Kara was my cousin Mika's twin. Knowing Kara, I don't think Parker was going to like dating her. "Wow, um, that's great Parker. I'm happy for you." Then I got on the bus and didn't look back at his proud but still frowning face. 

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