Me, Myself, and Quite a Few Others [DISCONTINUED]

My diary...... hi. I know i already have a diary here but i've just havent had a lot of time so here i am making a new one because to much has happened since then. So yeah here's my life. In an online story. (yay) BTW go check out Fire Girl's diary, it coincides with this one! (Fire Girl is Brooke)


4. The First Day of School

My hands shake as I look at myself in the mirror and fumble with the hem of my shirt. What if my outfit was no good? I'm wearing a Old Navy T-shirt in my favorite color that says Life is beautiful with blue jeans and brand new very expensive sneakers from TJ Max. My mom only let me buy them because we have the same shoe size, and once I grow out of them, they're all hers. But for now, the expensive sneakers carry me out to the car and I stumble into the passenger seat. What if my backpack doesn't fit in my locker, what if I have a bad reputation, what if.... No, I shouldn't be nervous. My friends will be there, and we wont have any real work to do because it's only the first week. We pull up into school and I hurry through the front door and up the stairs to my home room. I can't find Via, Parker, or Ashley anywhere. Anxiety starts to build up inside of me, I hope they're in some of my classes.

By recess, I've found them. "Parker!" I cried, flinging my arms around him. He's my best guy friend, so it's not really awkward. I give Via a hug too, even though I went to her house twice a week this summer. We went to the beach and even saw a drive in movie together. It was awesome. Her body tenses when I hug her, she always does, that's why I don't give her that many hugs. But she's my best friend, so she's fine with it. Ashley's happy to see me too. We hug and I see her freckled face and light brown and pink wavy hair and smile. I'm so glad she didn't move, like she was going to. Suddenly I see my crush, Justin. He's hanging with the popular girls like normal. I stare. Parker grins suspiciously and runs over to Justin. "Parker!" I scream, but he's already up in Justin's face. He comes running back to me. "I told him you wanted to go out with him." I groaned and punched Parker's arm playfully. "What'd he say?" "Too early in the year." He replied. I roll my eyes. Parker can be such a pain, but you can't help loving him. 

Last period, the whole grade met up on the old tennis court. The teachers passed out water balloons and we each got a partner. Mine was my cousin, Mika. We tossed the water balloon back and forth. I have no idea how it was educational, but it was somehow. Finally the balloon exploded at Mika's feet. Not much water got on her, but some unlucky classmates got splattered with the water balloons and they're soaking wet. As I head home, I think today really wasn't as bad as I imagined it'd be. In fact it was pretty awesome.

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