Me, Myself, and Quite a Few Others [DISCONTINUED]

My diary...... hi. I know i already have a diary here but i've just havent had a lot of time so here i am making a new one because to much has happened since then. So yeah here's my life. In an online story. (yay) BTW go check out Fire Girl's diary, it coincides with this one! (Fire Girl is Brooke)


1. Hi

If you're like me, it's valentines day and you're curled up on your couch eating choclates from your boyfriend and writing on a cracked computer that always flips out whenever you try to do anything with it, which hopefully with me telling you this will excuse any mistakes made in this movella. You're thinking about, everything, the weather, your friends, your boyfriend, your homework, your life, and thinking how crazy it is. And you like it. You like the crazy life you have. If you're like me, 7th grade looks  like this: (flip the page lolz)

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