We needed more time...

They died so fast.
But still so excruciatingly slow.

17 year old Tourmaline has lived her hole live without her parents, and with her one light-purple eye and the other bright-green.

She's just a freak, right?

But Tourmaline has no idea what kind of power hides behind those purple and green eyes, and she has no idea what will happen on her 18th birthday.


1. Prologue.



Were driving home from dinner at grans. My father is driving the car, with my mother in the passenger seat and me in the back. We’re all singing along to a song on the radio, and I look out the window. I always thought this winding road was huge, but when I see the car heading straight for our car I think again. I don’t even have time to scream, and my beloved father doesn't have time to steer the car away from the other car - not that he could have - but I do have time to close my eyes. The two cars smash together with an excruciating sound. Someone has stopped their car and is calling 911. I get hauled out of the car, but I can’t feel the pain, I can’t even cry. Because when I look back, all I can see is my loved and cherished parents lying in a bloodied, glass filled heap under the car that was safe and sound just minutes ago. I quickly look away and start to sob. The paramedic says something but I can’t hear him over my grieving screams.


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