We needed more time...

They died so fast.
But still so excruciatingly slow.

17 year old Tourmaline has lived her hole live without her parents, and with her one light-purple eye and the other bright-green.

She's just a freak, right?

But Tourmaline has no idea what kind of power hides behind those purple and green eyes, and she has no idea what will happen on her 18th birthday.


4. Chapter 3 “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” - William Shakespeare, The Tempest.

Chapter 3  “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” - William Shakespeare, The Tempest.


Where sitting at the ‘loser’-table in the cafeteria. I’m laughing at a joke Reece told - and admiring Tommy's laugh - when I see them healing for us. Them, is the two most annoying, self absorbed, ignorant girls in the hole school, Claire and Abi. Claire with her dark-brown ringlety long hair, green eyes, and stickfigure and kinda tall at maybe 5,7, and with her pink crop, white skinny jeans and bubblegum pumps, she’s the front and talk in this to girl wolfpack. Abi with her red-blond dyed bob-cut hair, green-blue eyes, and bigger build and shorter than Claire at 5,3 - Claire probably ‘picked’ her so she would look better - and her black sparkly top, gray jeans and white pumps, she is just plain dumb, she really just there saying the exact same thing as Claire. I practically stab Reece in the side with by finger and jerk my head there way, as I see them heading our way.

“Ow! What?” Reece hisses.

“Look who’s coming over here” I whisper back.

Reece looks where I’m looking and so does Tommy, noticing the fuss.

“Well, well, well look who’s here, are you lost sweaty, I think your sitting at the wrong table” Claire sweet talks to Tommy - sound kinda like sick-talk to me - ignoring Reece and me.

“Yeah, 'you lost… Hmmm, what’s your name again… Oh! Tom, that’s the one” Abi grins.

Tommy just gives them the once-over and then turns around looking at me with huge question mark on his face… and then he grins.

“Yeah, I’m Tom, but only my friends calls me that” he answers.

“Ooooh, but I can be your friend, Tom” Claire slimes back at him and leans over the table close to his face.

At that point I was feeling kinda territorial, which of course was ridiculous of me, but she just never leaves people alone.

“Claire have you ever wondered why it's only the football team that likes you and your sidekick?” I ask.

Claire just gives me a perplexed expression like she didn't even realise I was there.

“Because you're all boobs and ass and Abi has a brain the size of a walnutt - and that's being generous” I smirk after I say that, expecting to be bombarded with one of her famous bf’s (bitch flip), but she just turns over to Tom and starts saying something, when he puts a hand up to stop her. She widens her eyes and Abi gasp, she then smacks the hand away and put her hands on her hips, the beginning of a bf, but she doesn't get the chance.

“I sorry, but I have all of three younger sisters and I don't wanna deal with another tantrum, so can you just move along” he says, not looking at her, but me, and I have to pretend I’m wiping my mouth in a napkin to hide my laugh. Claire is so surprised she just huffs and stamp away, Abi on her heals. I watch her as she walks over to the football team's table and sits on best team player Shane's lap, Abi awkwardly at her side.

“I am so going to pay for that later” I sigh, turning back to Reece and Tommy. Reece nudges me in the side

“It will be fine, just stay with me or wonder-boy here and you won't get attacked by the big manicured wolfs. On less that wonder-boy here has other plans, he is pretty much stamped by now” We both look at Tommy, he just looks at me and smile, gives a slight bow and says,

“At your service my lady, I'm not going anywhere”.

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