Love Sickness: A FairyTail Fanfiction (Gray x Oc) [On hold]



1. The Bet

|Third Person P.O.V|

It was a cold yet sunny day in the town of Magnolia. The sun had just rose, the light melting into the black sky, gifting it with colour. The breeze was cool and tame. The city was in blissful silence, until...
At the FairyTail guildhall, two rivals were once again stuck in the middle of a brawl. One of them was a maker mage who specialised in ice. He was raven haired and had eyes as black as the endless abyss of time. His name was Gray Fullbuster. He was 18 at the very maximum. The other mage was a Fire Dragon Slayer. He had short pink hair that was spiked up like the talons of a wild beast. His name was Natsu Dragneel and he was slightly younger than the ice mage. They were in the middle of an argument when a female companion of theirs, Lucy, a celestial wizard with blonde hair and dark brown eyes, interrupted them.
"WILL THE TWO OF YOU BE QUIET?! IT'S EARLY IN THE MORNING AND SOME OF US ARE TRYING TO GET THINGS DONE!" She shrieked, extremely angry that they had broke her train of thought while trying to work on her novel.
"Well I didn't start it! Ice freak did!" Natsu groaned.
"Hey don't pawn this off on ME, you pyromaniac!" Gray yelled,
"GRAY WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES?!" Lucy screamed. Oops I forgot to mention, Gray has a habit of taking off his clothes.
"AHH! CRAP, NOT AGAIN!" Gray realized that he had stripped off everything except his underwear. His FairyTail guild mark which rested just below his collarbone was exposed. He scouted the guild for his garments. Eventually he found his coat, shirt, pants, socks and shoes and he quickly put them on.
Natsu laughed mockingly "Looks like the pervy stripper lost his clothes again!"
"SHUT UP, DRAGON BOY!" Gray yelled in slight embarrassment.
"Man do you two EVER stop fighting like that? It's so boring watching the both of you going at it constantly." Loke sighed with a serious tone to his voice.
"Well, I DIDN'T START IT! HEY, STOP COPYING ME!" Gray and Natsu growled in unison.
"BOTH OF YOU, STOP FIGHTING OR I'LL WAKE UP ERZA!!" Lucy screeched, completely fed up of their bickering.
They were both terrified into silence. The thought of Erza being woken up early in the morning, cranky and being told that they were fighting when she demanded that they shouldn't..... Erza was the strongest female wizard in the entire guild. She had red hair and sharp black eyes. Shuddering, they both sat down on the same table. Gray sat next to Loke while Natsu sat opposite Gray, glaring at him.
Loke had a "evil" idea. A mischievous smirk grew across his face. "Well, you know what would really decide who's better?"
"What?" They both asked, curious.
"You should see who can get a girl to like them quicker. First to get a girlfriend wins." Loke suggested.
"Really, Loke? First of all, you ALWAYS bring up dating. Second of all, we shouldn't use someone just to win a-" 
"YEAH LETS DO THIS! I'M ALL FIRED UP!" Natsu bellowed, cutting off Gray in the middle of his sentence.
"Idiot! Didn't you hear what I said?! We are NOT doing that!" He counter-argued.
"What, too scared, pervy popsicle?! Scared that you're gonna be rejected?" Natsu retorted arrogantly while laughing.
"Fine then, fire breath. Game on! Loser has to flirt with Erza." Gray declared.
Natsu shuddered a little. Flirting with Erza was suicide! But like hell he was gonna show weakness in front of his stupid rival. "Alright then! It's on!" Natsu rose from his seat confidently and instead sat with Lucy. That left Gray and Loke alone to talk.
"Why did you have to bring dating into this, Loke? You know I don't like having to go through the trouble of trying to get a girls' approval, racing around trying to make her like you.. And for what? A bet? *sigh*" Gray groaned, frustrated.
"Well I know a guy you could talk to for advise...." 
"No thanks, Loke. I'm fine." Gray got up out of his chair and left the guild. He really didn't like this bet. He mostly hated it because how easy it would be with most of the girls in this town. He had a lot of fangirls, though he didn't understand why. All he knew is that they only saw him as abs, muscle or a handsome face or some bullshit because they didn't know him personally.

//That was the end of the full Chapter One guys! Hope you enjoyed it ❤️💕\\

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