Dreams [poem]

A poem about out dreams, how we fear that the results won't be the same as we think they would.


1. Dreams


When I open my hand
A butterfly will fly out.
I will smile at it,
Beautifully flapping its wings.
If I run after it
What will I see?
If I see it meeting its end
I better let it go.

When I come at night to a lake
I will see a small firefly,
Glowing in a waterlily
With its green bright light.
However, I won’t dare to come closer,
I’m afraid to find the truth.
What if its light in reality is dull?
I better let it go before I find that out.

When an unknown seed
Gets into a moist soil,
A sprout will eventually show up
To let me know about its growing.
I will help it gain strength,
Wondering what it turns out.
Be it a flower or a weed,
Even if the disappointment comes at the end,
I will love it deep,
I will have no regret
Helping it see the world.

Know to love your dream.
Know to help it grow.
Don’t think about outcome
But the process which flows.

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