For the Poetry Project Competition *can also be found in poetry collection 'Iridescent Rain'*


1. Build


you're just the first step in a flight of staircases,
your carpet worn and stained with the oblivious 
soles that walk over you,
dirt seeping into the cracks that
poison your skin and you
let them,
because you're the necessity to their climb and in
their climb you lost
but under all the softness of your furnished cover 
you're as thick as wood,
bordered up and ready to shield those
pounding footsteps
that run all over your heart and trust 
you to save their fall.
but if you don't build your own steps to a world of your own,
you'll never know what's it like to feel the weight of 
air upon your shoulders, 
not the weight of those burdens you never 
asked to carry.
you're one step into a flight of 
damaged lost souls
but take one back and you'll be free,
from the staircase that built you into
you were never meant to be.


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