The Animals

Vanessa Armstrong was left with her mother when her brother left with a group of his friends.
She was never able to find him
But what happens when she does?


1. Chapter One: The News

Vanessa Armstrong was a very smart for a twelve-year-old, she got A’s on all of her tests, she was always a happy girl, but deep down, she was sad, she could always hide it, the reason she was sad was because her older brother Charlie left with a group of his friends, they would always cause trouble, you could say that it was like a kid gang, people were absolutely terrified of them, but she wasn’t, she knew deep down her brother was good, and so were his friends.
Her mother was a lazy woman, on the rare occasion that she left the house, you would never know that they we related, Vanessa had long black hair that went to her hips, and beautiful brown eyes, while her mother had dirty blonde hair that went her neck, and dead shark eyes.
Right now Vanessa was sitting on the floor in front of their TV, while her mother sat in her chair as usual.
“And now on Gaby, with the news.” Bill Gurdon on of the reporters for Denver News said, and a woman with too much makeup showed up on the screen.
“Thank you Bill, recently thirteen-year-old, Charlie Armstrong escaped jail, with the other members of ‘The Animals’, he was last seen in Denver Colorado, if you see this boy or anyone from ‘The Animals’ please contact your local police.” Gaby Porter said, and Vanessa froze, when she looked up at the TV she saw a picture of her brother, dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a toothy grin on his face.
“Thank you Gaby, - “Vanessa stopped listening to the news after that, thinking of how her brother is free, along with his friends, she’s never met any of her brother’s friends, only because he didn’t want her to get hurt. That was another thing that made Vanessa mad, her own brother thought she was weak, sure she is small for her age, but she is stronger than she looks.
“Vanessa! Get ready for school!” Her mother yelled throwing an empty water bottle at her.
“Yes, Mother.” Vanessa said with her slight annoyance in her voice. Rolling her eyes, she got up, and went up the stairs to her bedroom.
Her bedroom was small, but cozy, she had a twin sized bed in the left corner of her room, that had five stuffed animals on it, and one medium sized rainbow colored blanket, with matching pillows. At the end of the bed was a small window that looked out into the neighborhood, and in the right corner of her room, was her dresser.
Walking to her dresser, Vanessa was singing ‘Safe and Sound’ by Taylor Swift.
She wore black dress shoes, with knee high white socks, and a dark blue skirt that went a little above her knees, with a white dress shirt, and a dark blue dress vest over it, a dark blue neck tie, and finally, a dark blue headband to keep her bangs out of her face.
Soon she was out the door, passing all of the houses, going down the street.
But she kept on having this feeling, like someone was watching her, every time she got the feeling she would look around, if any of her class mates saw her, they would think she was crazy for looking around so much.
Then she heard a laugh, not just any laugh, The Animal’s laugh, the laugh that sent other people running for the hills, the laugh parents would hide their kids from because they thought they heard it.
Looking around she saw shadows on the roof tops, jumping to the other buildings.
“C-Charlie?” The young girl questioned, but sadly, she got no answer.
After she remembered about school, she slowly started walking, but she made a sharp turn, and started running, she was looking up the whole time, following the shadows.
She wanted to see her brother, and nothing was going to stop her.



A/N: First chapter people, Remember this is MY original story, please don't steal it. Because it's rude.

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