Adopted By 5SOS

Hey my name is Katrina. I still at this dumb ass orphanage waiting for someone to get me out of this hell hole. I been here for most of my life bout sense I was like......5. I know why I'm here I was one troubled little kid. Ahhh..... memories those were some good times. I do have quite an imagination and when i have an idea it goes in action real fast. And, yes i have gotten in trouble many many many times. But, nothing is going to stop me. I am very defiant. I do have quite an attitude on me that i will use all the time. I am happy most of the time I am a total goof ball I am almost never serious. but if you are the bully it is way worse I'll kick your ass . Don't come near me or the worst is coming to you.

But, I finally got adopted by 5sos. I just hope they keep me and not send me back to the orphanage ,judging me. Just hope for the best, right. I hope I'm not to much of a hassle that send me back. lets see how this goes.
all the pictures I use are from google so no one say I s

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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