Legend of Spyro ~ Fanart

Winner of the Gaming Competition in the fanart category!


1. Fanart


Spyro has always been a childhood memory. I remember playing Ripto's Rage on (haha wait for it...) Play Station One.

Yeah... don't judge. XD I did have the New Beginnings game as well, for Nintendo.

I even still remember the homelands of Avalar (Summer Forest, Autumn Plains and Winter Tundra) and collecting Orbs and completing quests in each homeland with Hunter, Elora and Sparx, etc etc. And so that's why I decided to create this fanart based on Spyro. He's just such an epic dragon! Ooooh and we can't forget good old Moneybags and his wicked bribery and blackmail.

Anyway, this scene was inspired by Spyro the dragon in the homeland of Summer Forest, looking out at the fortress in Winter Tundra floating in the sky, where one of Ripto's evil minions awaits him as the sun sets on the horizon. Oh yes, Spyro, you have a perilous battle ahead of you...



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