Georgia (A Love Song)


1. Georgia (A Love Song)

Oh, Georgia
You mean so much to me.
But you got lazy, and I got mean.

Tried to ignore the signs that things were going wrong,
Tried to keep on going,
Tried to keep on keeping strong.


Oh, Georgia
Remember when I only had eyes,
For those long wistful looks,
And ears for long lovers' sighs?
(What a time)


To me Georgia,
Will always mean you and I
Someone who broke my heart,
Someone who made me cry.
Someone, full of laughter and light
Someone who never failed to take me by surprise.

Oh, Georgia
You mean so much to me.
And you know this true Georgia,
You will always have a home in me.


And if things get too rough Georgia,
I know where you'll be
Down in the deep blue yonder,
Down in the deep blue sea.




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