With moving to a new school, Jade Padalecki, meets handsome Derek Hale. Struggling with bullying all her life, Jade hopes that Beacon Hills will be a different experience for her. All her life Jade has had to balance her magic with her school life, trying not to let anyone discover her powers.

Most of her life she feared the world, this year was different. Derek was different. They both have secrets they need to keep hidden from the cruel society of the world. But they both rely on each other to keep them sane. Will this relationship develop into something more? Or will Jade fall to pieces yet again as a foolish boy breaks her heart, yet again?


1. New School.

Jade's Pov 

It's 5:30 am. I get up for school. New school today, it's year 12 though, so It will be my first and last year at this school. I hope it's not like my previous schools, they really weren't nice. I've been bullied all my life. Partially for being an orphan, and the other part was just because I was myself. I hope this school gives me a new start. I just want one year where I actually make some friends, who aren't fake and who wont hurt me. I finish my shower and I put my clothes on. I decide on my black leggings, black long sleeved crop top, and my black heeled boots. I wrap my black leather jacket around my waist and I leave my hair out and put my simple, not too fancy, forehead band on and head downstairs.

"Good morning Jade." Mum says to me. Well, she's not my biological mum but she married Jared, my foster father, so she's been my mother for a while. I was adopted when I was a baby, no one was ever really sure how old I was so they said I was one, which would make me 17 to this day. I was found in the woods, by a great woman, who I owe my life, named Talia. I speak with her every now and again and she usually comes over once a month so we never really lose contact. My life's really complicated, apart from the fact that I am a witch, one of the good ones of course. "Good morning Mum." I reply while taking a seat and eating my delicious breakfast, which happens to be, eggs and bacon. The you-cant-get-more-aussie-than-this breakfast.

When I was around 8, dad took me to this man named, Gaius, he taught me all the things I know about my magic to this day. Gaius lives in Camelot, which is like from the 1300s but  like I can use my magic to time travel, although I still visit like twice a week. I have friends there, I'm friends with the prince, Arthur and his servant Merlin, great men, those guys. Sadly, magic is banned in Camelot, although Merlin and I are presumably the greatest sorcerers to ever walk the earth. No one in Camelot apart from Gaius of course, knows about our Magic. Thats how merlin and I instantly bonded, over our magic. I'll go into more detail about that later.

" So, Jade, new school today. Are you ready?" Dad asks. No one can ever be fully prepared for the first day of school no matter who they are. And I'm completely dreading it. I just don't want to be the outcast again. I hate school. Always have. Always will. "Yeah, I'm so excited, I have a feeling I'll love it." I say with, hopefully, the most believable voice I can pull off. I wont let anyone get bullied. Not under my watch. If I get bullied I'll stick up for myself. Be fearless. Be Brave but be kind. I was cursed when I was like 4, by this witch who I dont know, had something against me, everyone says, it has to do with your destiny, you must fulfill your destiny, blah blah blah blah blah. But I was actually cursed and The mean witch cast a spell that I could never protect myself, and bad things will always happen to me, so on and so on, meaning I can only use my magic to help and protect others (not a bad thing) and not myself. So yeah, the past 17 years of my life have been complete and total shit, well, there are moments where I have fun with my family, but yeah the rest of the time is shit.

I look at my watch and it's 7:30 am, already? what have I been doing the past 2 hours?, geez. "So, I better get going,  I don't want to be late on my 1st day of year 12. So, Have a good day and I'm out." I quickly kiss them both on the cheek and head out the door. I put on my helmet and turn on my Black Yamaha Cruiser, otherwise known as a motorcycle. And I drive my way to school. 

BEACON HILLS HIGH are the first words I read when I turn into the school carpark. I see a spot that hasnt been taken near the gate and I go and take. I  park and turn off my bike, as I'm out to get off I hear "Excuse me, dude, if you don't mind, this is my spot." From, I'm assuming, a 'dude' behind me. I take my helmet off and look back, I smile ."Oh, I'm so sorry, Would you like me to move for you?" I say politely. He looks flustered. damn. "Um, no..uh...park wherever you want.." He mumbles quickly. "I really am sorry, i'll park somewhere else tomorrow." I add on. I get off my bike and see the guy has parked beside me. "Excuse me, if you don't mind, I'm kinda new here, could you point me into the direction of the office please?" I ask the same guy, who I see, shares the same taste as he gets of his own Black. Yamaha. Cruiser. "Why don't I take you there myself?" He says, clearly regained his confidence. I tighten the jacket around my waist and we walk. 

"So, why would someone move schools when it was their last year?" He says grinning at me. I will admit he is really hot. and his muscles are bigger than my future. I giggle awkwardly, like you know when you're in a really awkward situation and you're like ahaa um...yeah that. So i "giggled" and said " Well, My past schools weren't exactly great, I was um bullied, and some things happened etc. etc. and I ended up moving schools." I say as we reach the office. "Well, thank you for being the 1st person to speak to me at this school and um yeah, have a good day." I wave a little and I walk into the office without waiting to hear what he had to say.

"Good morning, how can I help you?" The really energetic to be a desk lady, whose name tag says Lily, asks. "Hi, my names Jade, I'm new here. I was wondering if I could get my timetable please?" I ask politely. "Oh, why, of course darling, let me just get it printed out for you." She says while clicking away at her computer. Still typing, she adds. "Jessabelle Padalecki?" she asks. "Yes ma'am, although Jade is fine, thank you." I reply. That is true. My name really is Jessabelle, but it's long so I told people to call me Jade. "Oh, miss, you're going to need a guide, like a tour buddy," And right on time, who walks in, None other than hot biker dude who walked me to the office. " I can be her guide Mrs King." He says and stands beside me at the desk. "Why Jade, this is one of Beacon Hills' finest men, Mr Derek Hale. He will be a great help for you, miss. Although beware, he can be cheeky" She laughs as she hands me my timetable. I laugh politely. "Duly noted ma'am. Thank you for the timetable." I say and I leave with Derek. Wow, Hot name for a hot guy. Oh Shut up Jade, you haven't even been here for one hour, I tell myself. I happen to do that a lot, the whole talking to myself thing...yeah...im completely normal.

"So, Jade, It appears that we are in all the same classes. How wonderful!" He says and smiles at me, while giving back my timetable."awesome" I say and smile a little. We get to the room and he allows me in first, this is my home room, some places say administration, eh, same thing in the end.  I take a seat and wait for my name to be called out. I look next to me and I see, take a guess, the one and only Derek Hale. Staring at me. I quickly look away and I hear him giggle. When I say giggle, I don't mean like the girly shit, what do they say when guys laugh but it's a soft laugh like, they breathe out extra air from their noses, do i make sense? probably not. Anyways, he "giggled" and then started talking to his friends. 

"Jessabelle Padalecki?" I heard the teacher call out. "Here miss, and Jade is more preferable, if you don't mind, thank you. I reply and smile politely. The teacher just smiles and nods. I heard the chair next to me move back, and I look back and Derek is seated next to me. He had this stupid grin on his face which made him look adorable. "You lied to me." He says. "I did not." I say. " You told me your name was Jade." He says.. "I've been called Jade my whole life Derek, not gonna change it for you." I say. "Oh damn, that one hurt." He laughs "Jessy." 

He simply states. "Jade"  I answer. "Jessy." He's smirking. Jesus Derek stop, I thought to myself. "I'm not in the mood for your shit mate, so if you don't mind.." I say, as I relax in my seat. The smile left his face. "Sorry.." He apologised "Jessy." He smirks at me. I roll my eyes and smile at him. I guess he is a friend? I don't know, acquaintance maybe. The bell rings for first period and i leave the room. 

I need to find D23. My homeroom is in E11. So God help me. "Come on, it's this way." I hear Derek say from behind me and we start walking.  "Thank you." I say. No reply. "For being kind to me, I appreciate it. And I'm sorry, I was rude before." He looks up at me and gives a weary smile. "This is our stop" He says, as we reach the room. I watch him go to the back of the room and take a seat with his friends. He seems out of it. Hmm. I go up to the teacher and introduce myself, she gives me a booklet and tells me to go sit at the back. I go and take a seat, luckily there was one in the corner, rather than next to Derek. 

The lesson drags on and I almost fall asleep but Derek sits next to me and wakes me up. He gives a small smile. "She doesn't like it when people fall asleep in her classes. If you do, I'll wake you up." He says. I rest my head on my hands and look at him, I give him a small thank you. The teacher is still blabbing on, half the class is actually listening, but i mean, it's the first day of school, who's bothered. Next thing, I hear music playing. I look up confused. "She's playing music because it's the first day of school, and no one's bothered doing anything." Derek says. "Ah, thanks, again." I reply. 

The bell rings and it's period 2. I gotta go to H23. I walk outside, and adjust my bag on my shoulder. I tighten my jacket and hear "Aren't you coming?" Derek. Obviously. I catch up to him and we walk. It's silence. Awkward, not really. More comfortable, like we had known each other for a while. It feels like we have. I mean, he's a great person. Usually people would leave me to be late to all my classes, once I'd found the way. People are staring. The new girl, with Derek Hale. I'm assuming he's popular because many, many people have said Hi to him, as we're walking. 

Period 2 finishes and It's break time. Me and Derek part ways as he went to his friends. I go into the cafeteria and everyone is in their own groups. the populars. the geeks and nerds, which i consider myself as. I really like books, and tv shows, and sci-fi etc. So, my old friends would call me geek or nerd. Not that it offended me. I don't mind being called that. It's not supposed to be offensive anyways. The athletes, the book worms, the IT guys, the fashion is passion group, the emo, the punk, the goth, the "I like to sing everything" people, the music guys, the band, the performers, and of course, the supreme girl group. I mean, who's school doesn't have this group. This school has more groups than my old one. I am surprised. 

I sit at the only free table I can find and eat my banana bread and drink my V, energy drink. Suddenly, the whole room goes quiet. I look up and see that Derek and his "clique" walked into the room. Ah, see. I knew they were the populars. Derek looks at me then smiles and goes to sit with the rest of the popular people. I check my social media, I have a lot of internet friends. We relate on certain, fandomised, subjects. They're my best friends. And my only friends. apart from the very few, family related things, and Arthur and Merlin. I've also gotten close with Morgana and Gwen. Great people they are. My magic doesn't really come in handy, as I can't use it but I manage. 

Out of nowhere, Derek's friends come up to me. They sit next to me. I hear my phone buzz. It's Derek. How the fuck did he even get my number? OHHH, my school email. wow. good one jade. The message says "Say yes. Please. I O U 1." Jesus Derek at least use words. And say yes to what exactly? "So, Jade. Are you Derek's girlfriend?" Oh. Say yes to this. Why? Doesn't he already have a girlfriend. I try to act as calm as I possibly can. "Ah, so he told you then." I say, and shift around, uncomfortably, in my seat. "Yes, I am, I guess." I smile. They all look surprised. "Oh wow. We didn't believe him." One of them says. "Why not?" I ask. "Well, he hasn't had a girlfriend in like 3 years, and we always bug him about it. but yeah anyways, good on you. But be good to him or we'll ruin you." He says. Dead serious. "Aha, message received and understood." I reply, suddenly really scared. 

Derek walks over. "Boys, what are you doing to my girl?" He plays it off so cool, you'd have to be either me or him, to know we weren't actually dating. He makes them move and he sits next to me. He wraps his arm around my shoulder. I might puke. Not that I mind though, like I said before. He is hot as. "We're gonna go before you two get all lovey-dovey on us. Bye dudes." One of his friends say. When they leave he removes his hand. I stare at him. He smiles. "You have to be kidding me." I say to him. "Pleaseeeeee, I beg you. Be my fake girlfriend for a while at least. I'll even take you on a date." He says. Um.." Like to show them proof you know.." He adds really quickly, and laughs that awkward laugh at the end. I take a deep breath. 

"Okay." I say. "Fine. I will be your fake girlfriend. One condition." I continue. Naww his smile is so cute, I can't deal. "Anything you want." He says. "You gotta make sure your friends dont kill me. Please." I add. He laughs and nods. "So, really? You'll do it?" He asks. "Yep. I mean, I sorta owe you. You've been nice to me this whole day and people aren't usually very nice so. Yeah. I'll do it." I say, and I mean it. I am very thankful I met him. 

The bell rings and we move off to period 3. Gosh, I've got double PE. I walk to the change rooms and change into my sports clothes and put my hair up, careful to take my forehead band off. I put my bag in my locker and head out to the gym. I see Derek, and he waves, so I wave back. Why is he so cute? Focus Jade. "Okay, split up into groups of four." Coach Traynor says. I stand there awkwardly but then see Derek and his friends walk up to me. "Hey Jessy," Derek says with a sly smirk on his face. I look at him. He smiles. I smile. What?! His smile is contagious stop. 

"Okay, 1 person in the group has to do a front handspring. Then one has to do an aerial cartwheel, and the other 2 pick whatever."Coach says. "Well, Jade you can do the handspring thingy. Scott and I will do flips and Dezo can do the cartwheel." Stiles says. "Sir, yes sir." I say. The 2 go off to do their flips n shit and Derek and I just stand there. "Dezo...Really?" I ask him. He laughs and says "Well yeah, in fourth grade I was called Dez Man. So 10/10 Dezo is better." He explains. He goes off and does he's cartwheel, no hands. Impressive. "Do you even know how to do a handspring Jes?" He asks me. "Watch and learn Derek, Watch and Learn." I say and take place on the mat. 

I take a deep breath and walk forward then do the things im supposed to and land a perfect land. I walk to Derek and say " Now, Derek, That is how you do it. " We both laugh and then Coach come overs. "Jessabelle, that was perfect. Have you considered trying out for the Gymnastics Team? They compete against other schools and national as well as international competitions. They also try out for the olympics etc. You should consider it." She says. "Thanks Coach, and its just Jade if you don't mind." I say politely. She nods, smiles and walks off. 

"Ughhh" I groan. "What?" Derek says in confusion. "I was on gym team for like half my life aint no way im going back." I answer. "Then don't." He says. I look at him. He smirks. I roll my eyes. He laugh. "Jes, you gotta learn to lighten up a little." He adds. "Yes, sir." i say and then go to the change rooms. I hate my life. I always embarrass myself and say the wrong things. I can't help it. I have no filter.

I change back into my clothes and its lunch. After this, just one more period and finally home. Ugh, its Math. I mean, I dont mind math cause I can learn how to do it but I hate having to do it. I'm one of the first people to walk into the cafeteria, Derek's not here yet. I sit at the same table I was sitting at before and eat my lunch. Derek and his clique walk in, he completely ignores me, and so do all his friends, strange and they just sit at their table. Then the popular chick comes to me. "Hi Jessabelle, Im Steph." Oh wow she seems nice. "Okay, just a warning, stay away from Derek, he's mine. And, don't think he likes you, cause he doesn't, He just pities the orphan child." Never mind, I take that back. I don't say anything. I just look down at my food. She walks away and goes to sit with Derek.

My first day was going fine till she ruined it. I look up at Derek and he's looking at me. I quickly look down, grab my things and run out of the cafeteria. I can't deal with this. Im going home. The gates are locked, farout, prison much. I make sure there's no teachers looking and i run up and jump over the gate. It wasn't that tall, so i could jump over it. I look back and see Derek. "Jade!" he calls out. I look at him and start my bike. "Just leave me alone, Der." I yell out and drive away.

Just breathe Jade. Breathe. I slow down the bike because I was driving a tad bit too fast and turn onto my street. I park in the driveway of my house and go inside. "Jade, you're home early." Mum says. "Yep. I need to talk to Gaius. I'll be back. Don't wait up." I say and run upstairs. Lie. I don't need to talk to gaius. I go to camelot when I'm stressed.I go into my room and change into the medieval dress morgana gave me so I could blend in, I fix my hair but leave the forehead band on and click my fingers. Bam. I'm in Camelot. I look down and see people running and screaming. Fire's burning through the citadel and people are lying on the ground injured. 

I've only been gone a couple days. I rush down to the common ground and start to help people. I go to this little girl i find lying on the floor. "Oh lord, hi, I'm Jade. I'm here to help. What's your name?" I say as I pick her up. "Dalancy." She says, in the weakest voice i've heard. I rush inside the castle halls and run to gaius' room. I rush through the front door and merlin's there. "Merlin." I say.  "Jade, what are you doing here?" He spots the girl, " Oh lord. put her on the table." He adds. I do what he says and he starts aiding her. "Hey Dalancy. It's me Merlin, remember me? I came to your house last week." He says gently and he cleans her wounds. "Yes. I remember." She says. "Mer, whats happened here?" I ask. He looks up at me with fear in his eyes.



A/N- Um so like Idk, I've tried writing fics before havent really worked out. Is this long enough? idk? um please like, favourite, leave a comment, tell me how I went. -C

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