Scandalous Love ( Sequel to ' You Broke Me, But I want To Br With You Again '

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Harry and Sofia are having a little baby angel! but having a relationship this scandalous is not easy. A lot will try to break them apart, some of these consists of their friends and the poeple they trusted but is love enough reason for them to fight for each other and for what they feel?


2. Interview About The Baby And Cravings

Sofia's POV

After I went out of our flat, I went straight to the studio and they ran me up some of the questions and I kinda like this interview cause it's not too revealing just plain fun and a little bit of questions about Harry and if I'm pregnant. They found out cause some paps got a picture of me and the girls buying a pregnancy test at the pharmacy and they got suspicious.

" Ok Sofia start that interview " my manager told me " yeah thanks for everything you did for me " I said cause I always forget to thank her, she does a lot of things for me and I try to give it back in the best ways I can and to my staff too

" Hello everyone and welcome to the ' Chatty Man ' show and today I would like to introduce one of the most talented,amazing,smart and ofcourse one of the most beautiful woman we have here in the industry " I liked that introduction, I'm always flattered when people say something nice about me " please welcome Ms. Sofia Styles to be " I laughed while getting in the actual interview. Allan hugged me and said hi which I replied with a hi and a smile.

" Ok so first question of the day " he started, I thought if this was about Harry ot if I'm pregnant " how's your relationship with Harry? " he asked, good not the pregnant question " we're really good thank you for asking and if your watching Harry, I love you " I said and the audience went crazy " awww that's sweet, try'nna find someone like you cause my ex was all like " oh I'm all cool and that " and she even thought it was cute, ew " the audience and I laughed " bumper " I said and Allan and the audience laughed, they still don't know bumper it's like bumer but better " so let's continue " Allan said

" So second question " he started " is it true that you're pregnant cause this picture is seen with you buying a pregnancy test with the girls " he explained and the photo was on the screen " well I wanted to keep it private for now " I said, I really didn't want my baby to be awaken of what industry her mum and dad are in, it's not fair for her if it's not what she wants. " Ok I respect that " Allan said " thank you " I said " so do you want to have a drink? " he asked as he looked for a drink in his cooler " do you have water? " I asked " well yeah here you go " he said and handed me a bottle of water " thanks " I said and took a sip of the water.

The interview went on until we had to say goodbye and leave.

I went back to our flat to see Harry watching t.v.. " Hey " I said and went to the fridge, I was craving for some carrots but I never liked carrots before, God I think my baby's gonna be like Louis but now I want some carrots " hey, need anything? " Harry asked " yeah I kinda want some carrots but we don't have any " I said " well I guess you won't have any carrots " he said and hugged me from behind " but the baby and l want carrots now " I begged him " fine, for my two baby's, let's go to Louis and see if we can sneek a carrot withought him noticing and kicking our bums " he said and we both laughed and locked the flat.

We arrived at Louis in 3 minutes cause my flat weren't far from the boys especially from Louis and Eleanor's flat. " Hey El " I said and hugged Eleanor when she opened the door " Hey Sof, what you need and how's the baby " she asked " oh well the baby's great and we came to as if you have any carrots? the baby wants me to eat some and I think this baby will be a carrot lover like your lover " I joked and Eleanor laughed " yeah we got some carrots, come on in " she said and motioned us to come in and take a seat " here you go freshly chopped " she said and handed me a plate of carrots.

A few seconds past and Louis came stumbling down and started screaming " SOMEBODY'S EATING MY BEAUTIFUL CARROTS!! " he shouted " calm down, the baby's craving for some " I explained " oh ok, for the baby " Louis said " gee thanks " I joked around and he laughed " well we better go it is getting a bit late " Harry said, when he found out that Imm pregnant he became a bit matured but still he's fun snd ofcourse flirty but I don't want to ' do it ' when I'm pregnant so he just has to wait until I give birth to our baby " ok bye " Louis and Eleanor said and we waved goodbye and left


Hey guys! heres the next chapter and hope you like it and please comment what you think cause reading what you guys say just makes my day ( the good comments ofcourse ) but yeah please keep liking and favoriting this movella and love you guys so much

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