Scandalous Love ( Sequel to ' You Broke Me, But I want To Br With You Again '

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Harry and Sofia are having a little baby angel! but having a relationship this scandalous is not easy. A lot will try to break them apart, some of these consists of their friends and the poeple they trusted but is love enough reason for them to fight for each other and for what they feel?


47. Clothes

Sofia's POV

Chlothes. After we get that, we have to find a honeymoon spot, which I think Harry will like. But first, I have to wake Harry up

" Hazz, wakey wakey " I said while I shook him a little " c'mon! really! you had to- " Harry exclaimed in annoyment before he saw my face and smiled " sorry, I- " I started but Harry cut me off " no, I kinda had a dream where I was gonna kiss you at our wedding day " he explained while scraching the back of his neck " awww " I said and kissed him " c'mon, I'll wake Darcy and Stephani up, then we'll have breakfast, go get the clothes, find a honeymoon spot, the girls will take Stephani shopping for a dress and we'll leave Darcy with your mum " I explained and he noded

I went to Stephani's room and opened it a little to see she was already awake and on her phone

" Hey, what are you doing? " I asked while stepping in her room " oh, Ms. Sofia, I'm just checking Twitter to see that I have more followers " she said and showed me her phone " that great, and please, call me mum or mummy " I said and she looked at her bed " that's gonna take some getting used to Ms. So- mum " she said an I smiled while sitting down her bed " Stephani, you're part of the family now, please, don't be shy, now come on, we're having breakfast " I said and sat up " I'll be right there " she said and I noded.

I went to Darcy's room and picked her up her bed

" C'mon baby, we're having breakfast " I said while putting her down, she knows how to walk already. Time flies

" Oke mummy " she said and hugged my feet, a sign for me to carry her, so I did

Darcy and I went downstairs to the kitchen to see Harry making pancakes and bacon on the table

" Daddy " Darcy said while running up to Harry " hey baby " he said an carried her up

We ate breakfast and Harry and I started getting ready while Stephani did the same

~~Skip Boring Preparation~~

Once Harry and I was done getting ready, and so was Stephani. I told Stephani to wait for the girls an she dd

Once we left, we dropped Darcy off Holmes Chapel, after that, we went back to Sara's design studio

" Sara " I said while stepping in " oh Sofia, Harry " she said and hugged us both " are the clothes ready? " I asked while sitting on one of the chairs, so did Harry ofcourse " yes, here they are " she sai and showed us the rack, it was beautiful. Too beautiful

" Sara, it's beautiful " I said and she smiled " I'm glad you liked it " she said and I reached into my purse to pay " no, it's a gift; don't pay " she said and held my hand " thanks for everything Sara " I said and hugged her " it's nothing " she said and hugged back, after that, she hugged Harry " well we should ho, we have to find a honeymoon spot " I explaine and she noded " bye guys " she said and we returned it

While Harry was driving, I decide to ask him a question I never asked before

" Styles, when do you want to get married? " I asked while he stopped and looked at me " on Valentine's Day " he said and I was shocked " but that's 2 weeks from now " I said and he noded " I know " was all he said an started driving again

Wow. I'm getting married in 2 weeks

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