Scandalous Love ( Sequel to ' You Broke Me, But I want To Br With You Again '

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Harry and Sofia are having a little baby angel! but having a relationship this scandalous is not easy. A lot will try to break them apart, some of these consists of their friends and the poeple they trusted but is love enough reason for them to fight for each other and for what they feel?


1. Out Of The Hospital ( Finally )

Harry's POV

I can't be happier to find out that Sofia is pregnant with our first baby. If this baby turns out to be a girl and if your a fan of me and the boys then you already know that I'd love to name her Darcy Styles.

I was still at the hospital laying on the bed but I was suppose to be out today and Sofia was sent to our flat to rest cause it would be bad for the baby if she get's tired to much.

" Ok Mr. Styles you'll be out by 2 this afternoon " The doctor said as he came to my room and left with a smile " ok mate at 2 you can see Sofia again but no funny business cause she's pregnant ok " Liam said like he was my dad or the doctor " yes mum/doctor " I teasily said " well come on and get your things ready " Louis said " ok come on " I said.

I was so exited of finally get out of the hospital. I loved how the nurses and doctor cared for me but I missed our flat and I missed cuddling with Sofia at night but I know we can't ' do it ' cause she's pregnant and I know she wouldn't wanna do it for now.

When we stepped out of the hospital, cameras and fans were the first thing that we saw. A lot of the fans were screaming for photos and authographs and some were saying how happy they were that I'm out of the hospital. The paparazzi shout/asked/said " IS IT TRUE THAT SOFIA IS PREGNANT?!!! " how did they know? this paps really have some technique but I don't want to say anything first.

When we finally got to the car I told the driver to go to our flat. Once we got there I saw Sofia laying on the couch watching ' Love Actually ' with some tissue boxes and ice cream.

" Hey are you ok? " I asked " no how could this happen? " she said, I just laughed at how connected she felt with the movie which I always feel when I watch ' Love Actually ' too so I understand her " it's ok come here you need to rest properly " I said to her, I was so protective about her pregnancy " Harry, I'm ok the baby is just 3 days old remember? I don't even have a bump yet so I can still record songs and go to interviews and award shows, I'll take care of myself and the baby I promise " She said and went to her closet an took out a a hot pink sleeveless shirt, a sparkly Knee lengh silver skirt and some silver pumps and went to the bathroom. After about 5 minutes she got out and looked beautiful in the clothes as always but why was she wearing that at 3 in the afternoon? that's it I'm asking " Hey Sophie, why are you wearing that? where are you going? " I asked " I have an interview today with Allan Carr at 4:30 so I need to get ready and go to the studio " she said and gave me a smile " well are you sure you'll be ok? " I asked, I was really worried about the baby even if he/she was still 3 days old " ofcourse I'll take care of the baby and me I promise " she said and sat down at her dresser.

Sofia's POV

After I sat down at my dresser, I quickly took out my curler, black mascara, eye liner, light pink blush and nude blush, light pink lip gloss and lip tint, black,hot pink and sliver eye shadow and my eyelash curler.

I put on some light pink blush and applied a few then applied the nude blush an blended those two. After that I put a little bit of liner on top of my eyes and wing it at the end. After that I put some light black eye shadow at the top of my eye and blended it with the silver eye shadow and lastly placed the hot pink one so it turned out a smoky hot pink color which is actually cute. After that I put on some light pink lip gloss and curled my eyelash. Lastly I curled my hair and styled it with three breads clipped to the back and the rest of the hair on my side.

Harry's POV

While she was putting on her make-up and styling her hair, I was practically drooling, she was so beautiful withought make-up but ofcourse she needed to put on some.

" You'll be the death of me, baby " I said as I approached her and kissed her neck " aww but no time for this and it's not good to ' do it ' when I'm pregnant " she said as kissed me on the lips then on the back of my ear, this was so good but I know she had to leave for the interview but she'll be back a little while I hope " ok well I need to go, bye Styles, I love you " She said and kissed me one more time


Hey guys! so heres the first chapter of the sequal and hope you like it, I'm doing my best to make it super interesting and thanks for you guys who kept reading and kept loving my movellas and sprry for not updating on my last movella and for not telling you guys that this is a sequal cause on my last movella the last chapters wont's publish but hope you like it and so sorry

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