Falling For The Bad Guy

Great! Moving countries, leaving home, I'm not ready to move and have a stepdad! Dad only just passed and my mom is already ready to be married again!


3. A new home...

Kimberley's POV

Once we left the airport there was a limo waiting for us there at Sydney airport. wow this dude must be rich! We'll be there soon honey Said mom. As soon as she said that we pulled up at the house, It's a legit Mansion! My mom knocked on the front door and a shirtless boy opened it. Damn he did look nice!

May I help you? The boy asked. Yes actually is this the home of the Irwins? My mom asked. Yes Come in! You must be Mrs Lewis and Kimberly, Come in!

Sorry for such a short chapter guys! Comment saying your name and what you would like to be and I may add you!

From Kimmy😘

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