time (niall horan)

Jacqueline is a fire fighter and is getting married with Jose her five year relationship who is a cop what happens when he is sent to an emergency call, Jacqueline is broken she loved him but her neighbor spends time with her will he be able to help her feel better over time.


8. marry and Paul

​I woke up and saw Niall asleep I slid off and got my crutches I was about to get up the stairs when I herd the door and opened it I saw my cousins standing there about a month ago they had sent me text messages on how I was going to pay for their parents dieing I went back and they grabed me the crutches slammed and Niall ran to see by the time he saw I was already in their car they had a cover over my head so I couldn't see a thing. I felt them grab me and carried me out until my body slamed against a cold floor were I took off the cover it was so cold I was just wearing a shirt and a pair of shorts I looked up to see that Paul my cousin had a belt and chain "get up" he said I nodded but I fell back down"I hurt my foot" he reached for my hair and pulled me up I felt a hard punch to my cheek I fell and looked up "get up" I got up and saw he was going to chain me up I let him I didn't want to be hit again. I gave him my hands and he chained me to a pole. Marry got a knife and got close and cut my clothes off she left and came back with a bucket I closed my eyes and felt the ice cold water hit my skin "why are you doing this to me" I blacked out and didn't know anything after.

​Niall P. O. V.

I saw her in a car and the car sped up "Jacqui no baby" I ran and lost them I called the cops to look for her they came and we spent the whole day looking for her "we will call you if we know something" I nodded and left to my room I cried and cried. I felt everything feel blurry and I felt asleep. ​

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