The Apocalypse

It's just another normal day for Emily and her BestFriends Phoenix and India until their world is overturned by an unusual and deadly virus, creating brain dead, flesh eating creatures. Will they be able to survive and find the cure? Or is it really the end of mankind and the earth?


1. The Beginning

I stared longingly out of the window into the dim, grey clouds. My elbows on the polished wood and my head resting in my hands, I sighed heavily. History class was so boring. I watched as the droplets of rain began to trickle down the glass , the rain was so satisfying to me.

'EMILY!' The shout startled me, it was Mr Johnson, the teacher. I instantly faced forward in fright, all of my classmates turned and looked at me with their beady little eyes.

'..Y-yes?' I stuttered with nervousness.

'How many wives did Henry VIII have?'

'Oh no' I whispered to myself, I hadn't been paying attention.

'Ohhh ermmm... I- I'm not sure sir'.

'OOOO I KNOW' Alexa called out 'SIX'.

'CORRECT!, well done Alexa. If only Emily would learn to pay attention to my classes like you'

Alexa gave a smug smirk and starred at me. She hated my guts, and to be honest I wasn't too keen on her either. She flicked her long blonde wavy hair at me from across the class and turned back away. Eugh who does she think she is!? At that moment India turned around from the front of the classroom and looked at me, widening her eyes as if to ask, 'what is her problem?' ,I rolled my eyes. India smiled and turned back around. India was one of my BestFriends, she had dark blue hair -almost black-which she always kept in a ponytail and a fringe which almost covered her dark brown eyes. She was taller than most people in our year and much nicer than pretty much all of them.


I picked all my books up and stuffed them into my backpack which I carelessly slung over my shoulder.

'Emily a word please?' Mr Johnson called to me as everyone was leaving. India went outside to wait for me.

'Look, Miss Watson, I don't know what's going on but you really need to start focusing on work. You come in this class to learn, so leave whatever's going on; boys, drama, conflict, outside the classroom otherwise you will fail this class and I will have to let your parents know, are we clear?'

'Crystal clear' I responded. He nodded and I left.

'Let me guess, the focusing lecture?' India said.

'Yupp' I replied.

' Well, Em I guess he is kind of right though'

' yeah I know, I don't want to fail but everything's distracting me lately, I don't even know why, it's just...something feels off'

'HEY GUYS!' Phoenix called to us from the other end of the corridor' She began prancing with joy. Phoenix was our other BestFriend, she was so bubbly and hated speaking bad about others. Phoenix had light brown ombré hair and hazel eyes. For some reason she was often confused for me, or we were confused as sisters maybe because I have light brown (slightly darker than hers) medium length hair and hazel eyes but to be honest I don't really see it.


'Er-' India was cut off.

'CALEEEBBBB!!!' She practically screamed it out loud. I began to laugh,

With how loud she screeched with happiness im surprised the whole world is still not aware she has a big fat crush on him.

'You need to calm down' India laughed, ' but I'm happy for you'.

'Thanks but it's not like we're dating.....yet'

We raised our eyebrows at her.

'Damn, crazy much?' I continued to laugh.

'Hey, I'm just a girl with dreams'

'Uh huuuuh' India suppressed her laughter.



' there's always lunchtime bro' I nudged her and began my trip to English block.

As we got there we all took our seats at the back of the class like usual. Everything was so quiet.

'Sorry class' Miss Ester apologised ' I forgot to collect the worksheets from the printer, I'll be right back, please behave'. As soon as she left the class everyone began chatting and messing around. I looked around the class and caught a glimpse of Alexa sitting at the boys table, flirting with them.

'Woah, woah, WOAH'-Phoenix. 'Is she serious right now!?'

'What?' India questioned.

'She's flirting with Caleb' Phoenix said angrily. Alexa looked over to our table and gave an innocent smile then blew a kiss. Phoenix crossed her arms, sunk into her seat and began to sulk.

'AAAAAAAHHHHH'  suddenly a loud scream was heard, followed by a bunch of screaming and absolute chaos outside the classroom.

'What the heck!?' I looked at my friends with confusion.

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